VideosIntroducing Oxygen JSON Editor 26


Duration: 03:35

This video presents some of the features available in the Oxygen JSON Editor 26.


00:00:04We are excited to introduce  the new Oxygen JSON Editor.  
00:00:09A specialized product that was specifically  designed for editing JSON and JSON Schema  
00:00:13documents and other related technologies. it includes Text mode editing features such as  
00:00:20the dedicated Outline view that is synced with  the editor and makes it very easy to navigate  
00:00:24to specific items within the document. The intelligent content completion assistant  
00:00:30offers proposals for inserting JSON code. Along with Text mode, JSON documents are also  
00:00:36supported in the Grid mode,  as well as Author mode... 
00:00:41and JSON schema documents can be easily created  and modified in the dedicated Design mode. 
00:00:51The JSON Tools menu contains a comprehensive  set of tools to assist you with converting,  
00:00:56generating, and documenting JSON, JSON  Schema, YAML, and OpenAPI documents.  
00:01:02The JSON Editor also supports technologies  such as YAML, HTML, CSS, LESS, Python, Text,  
00:01:10Shell, and more. You can even edit  XML documents in the Text mode. 
00:01:15and perhaps the most important part is that the  JSON Editor has an affordable subscription-based  
00:01:20pricing option, providing access to the powerful  JSON editing capabilities at a reasonable cost. 
00:01:28The JSON Diagram Editor now also has its  own dedicated outline view. It is synced  
00:01:34with the diagram editor and it presents  all of the properties, pattern properties,  
00:01:38and definitions found within the document.  You can also drag items from the Outline  
00:01:43view and drop them into an appropriate  location in the diagram editor. 
00:01:50When renaming a property in the JSON Design mode,  the required property field is now automatically  
00:01:56updated by either modifying the property or  deleting it from the array. Notice that 'email'  
00:02:02is listed as a required property. After deleting the property, notice that  
00:02:07it also removed 'email' from the list of required values.
00:02:13We'll revert that... Then after renaming the id  property to identifier... 
00:02:19notice that the word was updated in  the list of required properties. 
00:02:29The YAML editing support continued to be enhanced,  also boasting its own dedicated outline view. 
00:02:37and the content completion and validation  features are now on par with the JSON support. 
00:02:47When using the new document wizard to create  a new YAML document, a Customize option is now  
00:02:53available. This feature allows you to configure  the generation of new YAML documents based on a  
00:03:00specified JSON schema, ensuring consistency  and adherence to predefined rules. 
00:03:12A new Go To Definition action was added  in the contextual menu to make it easy to  
00:03:16quickly navigate to the component's definition. These were just highlights of some of the features  
00:03:24in the Oxgyen JSON Editor 26. For a complete  list, go to our What's New page on our website.

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