VideosPublishing Content to Zendesk Help Center


Duration: 02:26

This video offers a brief tutorial for how to publish content originating from Oxygen to the Zendesk Help Center.


00:00:06The purpose of this video is to  show you how to publish content from  
00:00:10Oxygen to the Zendesk Help center.  
00:00:13So I have a sample page here in Zendesk ... and  each of the tiles is what they call a category.  
00:00:21I'll click on the Troubleshooting category. Notice  that it's empty other than containing a section  
00:00:27called "General". That's because I just created  it ... an empty category with an empty section.  
00:00:33I mention this because it is necessary to have  the category and section already created here  
00:00:38in Zendesk before trying to publish your  content to that category and section. 
00:00:44In Oxygen, I have a sample DITA Map  with some topics I want to add to  
00:00:49that "Troubleshooting" category in Zendesk.  To achieve this I will click the "configure  
00:00:54transformation scenario" button from  the DITA Maps Manager's toolbar. 
00:01:00And I need to create a new transformation,  and it's a DITA-OT Transformation type,  
00:01:08and there's a transformation  called "Zendesk Help Center". 
00:01:14Here I need to enter some information and  credentials for connecting to Zendesk and  
00:01:19notice that I specified "Troubleshooting" for the  category and "General" for the section so that the  
00:01:25content will be added to the appropriate place.  
00:01:29I'll run the transformation.
00:01:32and after it processes, I'll go back  to the Zendesk Help Center page. 
00:01:37and if I click on the Troubleshooting category,  
00:01:40you see that the topics have  been published there. 
00:01:45It's also a very simple process to update  content that's published on Zendesk.  
00:01:50Back in Oxygen, I'll make a change to one of the  topics. I'll add a step number 6 to the procedure.  
00:01:58and, I'll re-apply the transformation ...  and back in Zendesk, I'll refresh that topic  
00:02:07and you can see that the topic has been  updated with the newly added step 6. 
00:02:12As you can see, publishing content to  Zendesk from Oxygen is a very simple process.  
00:02:18This concludes the video,  thank you for watching.

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