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The purpose of this video is to present the features that are available in Oxygen for JSON schema documents that are set to version 2020-12.


00:00:05The purpose of this video is to present some  of the features that were implemented in Oxygen  
00:00:11version 25.0 to support the latest JSON schema  versions ... specifically, I'll be demonstrating  
00:00:17schemas with version 2020-12. The list of features  include the ability to validate version 2020 JSON  
00:00:25schemas according to the specification, the  ability to validate JSON or YAML documents  
00:00:31against a 2020 schema, you can edit the schemas  in Oxygen's Design mode, content completion  
00:00:39proposals are presented for them, and you can  convert older JSON schema the new versions. 
00:00:47I'll start by creating a new version 2020 schema,  
00:00:52so I'll find and select JSON Schema  from the new file wizard ... I'll give  
00:00:58it a name ... and I need to click customize  and here I can select the 2020 version.The  
00:01:09newly created schema is automatically opened in  
00:01:12Design mode and notice that the  version is set to 2020-12. 
00:01:18Now, the components that can be inserted are  filtered according to the schema version,  
00:01:22so note that in the Pallette view, there are  some new components that are available in version  
00:01:262020 ... such as: unevaluated properties ...  unevaluated items ... prefix items ... dependent  
00:01:37required ... and dependent schemas. Also note that 'definitions' is now  
00:01:43dollar sign defs in the new schema, as  I drag and drop it into my document. 
00:01:49Of course, you can also edit the new  schemas in Text mode, and the content  
00:01:54completion proposals are based upon the  schema version ... and the proposals include  
00:02:00documentation and links to the specification. Validation is also based upon the schema version.  
00:02:06I'll open a sample 2020 schema file. Note that  it contains a "dependentRequired" component.  
00:02:14It basically specifies that if a post-office-box  or extended-address property is present,  
00:02:19then the street-address must be also present. 
00:02:24So, I'll open a sample JSON file that is validated  against that sample schema file I just showed  
00:02:30you ... and I'll insert a "post-office-box"  property ... and give it a value. 
00:02:37Notice that there's a validation warning saying  that the "street-address" is required. 
00:02:42So, I'll insert a "street-address"  property ... and give it a value. 
00:02:49and notice that the file is now valid  according to the associated schema. 
00:02:55If you are using older JSON schema versions,  you can use Oxygen's Convert JSON Schema tool  
00:03:01to convert them to version 2019-09 or  2020-12. So, I have a sample schema file  
00:03:09that's version draft-04 ... I'll go to Tools, JSON tools,  
00:03:16and select Convert JSON Schema, I'll  choose my sample file that's version 04,  
00:03:25I'll select "Draft 2020-12" for the version,  
00:03:29and I'll click "Convert". I'll split the files so that we  
00:03:34can compare them, with the original version 04  schema on top and the converted schema below. 
00:03:41Notice that in the converted file, the schema  version is 2020-12 and its dollar sign ID  
00:03:47property is listed, as it was converted  from the version 04's id property. 
00:03:53Also note that the definitions component  was converted to dollar sign defs ... 
00:04:02and it was also converted to  dollar sign defs in references. 
00:04:13The dependencies property was converted  to "dependentRequired" since in the new  
00:04:18schema versions, dependencies is split into  "dependentRequired" and "dependentSchemas". 
00:04:24Also, the items component was  converted into "prefixItems" ... 
00:04:31and the additionaItems component  was converted into "items. 
00:04:37Some further notes on the conversion details ...  in addition to the conversions I just showed you,  
00:04:42if there were any "exclusiveMinimum" or  "exclusiveMaximum" properties with boolean values  
00:04:48in the document, they would be removed ... and  any reference that's wrapped into a single-item  
00:04:55"allOf" keyword is unwrapped because the 2020  schema allows references to be processed. 
00:05:01In addition to the schema converter, other JSON  tools were also updated to provide support for the  
00:05:07new JSON schema versions, including the "Generate  Sample JSON Files" tool, the "Generate JSON  
00:05:13Schema" tool, the "XSD to JSON Schema" tool, and  the "Generate JSON Schema Documentation" tool. That  
00:05:23concludes the demonstration about Oxygen's support  for JSON schema version 2020-12. As always,  
00:05:29thanks for watching and we invite you to please  subscribe to our various social media channels.

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