VideosIntroducing the Merge Tool in Oxygen XML Web Author


Duration: 03:04

This video offers a brief demonstration of Oxygen XML Web Author's merge tool.


00:00:07The purpose of this video is to offer a brief  
00:00:09demonstration of Oxygen XML  Web Author's Merge tool.  
00:00:13It can be used from within Web Author  to resolve conflicts when multiple users  
00:00:17work with the same documents and they all  commit changes to the same Git repository.  
00:00:29To demonstrate how the Merge tool functions, I'm working with a sample document  
00:00:33from a Git repository that lists  specifications for a phone ...  
00:00:38and I decide that some of these specs should  be moved to a more appropriate location,  
00:00:43so I cut them from the first level and paste  them inside the Dimensions section.  
00:00:50meanwhile, a colleague happens to commit  changes to this same document... 
00:00:55so, when I try to commit my  changes to the Git repository,  
00:00:59I'm presented with a dialog box that indicates  there is a conflict and I have the choice to  
00:01:05either "Merge and commit" or to "Commit on a new  branch". If I choose to "Merge and commit"... 
00:01:12the Merge tool is automatically triggered to  help me visualize and resolve the conflicts.  
00:01:18My version is shown in the left  pane, while the other version with  
00:01:22changes committed to the repository by the  other user is shown in the right pane. 
00:01:27It has some toolbar actions. I'll switch to Full Tags display  
00:01:32mode just so that it's easier  to see and select elements...
00:01:37I can use the arrow buttons to  navigate through the differences.
00:01:45and I want to copy my colleague's changes  to my local version, so I'll use the  
00:01:50"Copy all non-conflicting changes" button. Of course, it does not copy the conflicting  
00:01:56changes, but the left pane can be edited  so I can manually merge the conflicting  
00:02:01change directly within the merge dialog box  without even having to leave this window. 
00:02:06so, I'll copy the note element  that my colleague added within  
00:02:09the block of content that I moved... To find that content, I'll use the control  
00:02:16F keyboard shortcut to open the  Find/Replace dialog box... 
00:02:22and after locating the moved content, I'll  paste the note in the correct location...  
00:02:29I'll switch to partial tags  just to make it look nicer... 
00:02:33and now I can commit the merged  changes to the repository.
00:02:37This was a very simple example,  
00:02:39but you can see that the Merge tool is  very useful for resolving conflicts.  
00:02:43It makes it very easy to identify differences  between multiple versions of the same document  
00:02:49and saves you a lot of time by providing a  simple interface where you can automatically  
00:02:53merge non-conflicting changes  and manually fix conflicts.  
00:02:58This concludes the demonstration.  Thank you for watching.

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