VideosConverting Confluence Content to DITA


Duration: 01:58

This short video shows you how easy it is to convert Confluence content to DITA documents using Oxygen's Batch Documents Converter.


00:00:06The purpose of this video is to show you  how easy it is to export Confluence content  
00:00:11and convert it to DITA documents using  Oxygen's Batch Documents Converter.  
00:00:16If you're unfamiliar with it, the Batch  Documents Converter is an Oxygen add-on,  
00:00:20and once installed, it makes it possible to  quickly convert multiple documents of one  
00:00:24type into documents of another type.
00:00:28This particular video will focus on the  
00:00:30Confluence to DITA type of conversion.
00:00:33I have a sample Confluence space set up 
00:00:35and I want to export the documents  in my space into DITA documents.  
00:00:41I'll go to "Space Settings"  and choose "Export Space".  
00:00:46I'll select the "HTML" format, "Next", I'll  leave it on "Normal Export", and "Export".  
00:00:57Once complete, I need to click  the "Download here" link.  
00:01:01This exports the Confluence  content into a zipped archive.  
00:01:05I've already unzipped it behind the  scenes, so now I'll go to Oxygen.  
00:01:10I'll go to the Tools menu and to  "Batch Documents Converter" ...  
00:01:14you can see that there's quite a lot of  different types of conversion possibilities.  
00:01:19I'll select "Confluence to DITA". In the resulting dialog box,  
00:01:23for the input file, I just need to choose  the index.html file that I exported.  
00:01:30and I'll select the option to  open the converted files.  
00:01:35and you see that it converted the  content from my Confluence space  
00:01:39into a DITA map with referenced topics.
00:01:43Feel free to give the Batch Documents  
00:01:45Converter tool a try for various  types of quick conversions.  
00:01:49This concludes this short demonstration. Thank you for watching.

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