VideosIntroducing the Oxygen AI Positron Assistant


Duration: 03:35

This video provides an introduction to Oxygen's AI Positron Assistant, a powerful tool to help writers use AI-generated content.


00:00:03Oxygen's new AI Positron Assistant addon  provides a powerful tool to help writers  
00:00:09use AI-generated content. It contributes  an AI Positron Assistant side view that  
00:00:15contains a variety of AI-powered actions. Some of them have a settings icon to configure  
00:00:20options for the particular action. This action instructs the AI to generate  
00:00:26a short description for the current topic. You can see the response from the AI server in  
00:00:31the Chat view on the right and actions are  available under each response depending on  
00:00:36the action, for instance, you could preview  the response, or copy it to the clipboard,  
00:00:42or "insert" to add the AI-generated  short description in the document.  
00:00:48Next, we'll intentionally  create a grammar problem ...  
00:00:56and select the paragraph ... and then we  can use the "Correct Grammar" action. 
00:01:05This time we'll click "preview" ... and it opens  a file comparison where you can clearly see the  
00:01:11changes that the AI suggested ... and if you  agree with the changes, you can apply them.  
00:01:18Next we'll select a paragraph ... and choose  the "Improve Readability" action. 
00:01:27You can use the box at the bottom of the Chat  view to refine the response by sending a message  
00:01:31to the AI platform and it will generate  a new response based on your message.  
00:01:37You can click this icon that appears to the  right of the response to edit your message  
00:01:43or send further instructions. We'll click  replace to insert the generated response. 
00:01:51A history drop-down in the top-right corner offers  a way to quickly select a recently used action. 
00:02:01For complex instructions that the AI may not  be able to accurately complete without further  
00:02:06assistance, you can click the Record button  in the top-left corner of the Assistant view.  
00:02:12You can provide a set of instructions  for the AI to follow. 
00:02:15and after clicking the "Start Recording"  button at the bottom of the dialog box,  
00:02:20you can then execute a series of actions  in the editing area that will serve as a  
00:02:24collection of examples to help the AI process the  complex instructions. For example, in our case,  
00:02:31we're showing the AI how to convert text that  looks like menu items into a menu cascade,  
00:02:40which requires consecutive uicontrol elements  that are wrapped in a menucascade element.  
00:02:48Then, after clicking the "Stop Recording" button,  you have the ability to save the final result  
00:02:53either as a favorite chat prompt ... or as a  custom Positron action. After giving it a name,  
00:03:01a description, and configuring the action,  you would click "Save Instructions"... 
00:03:06... and it creates a JSON file that defines  the action and that action is now available  
00:03:12in the "Other" section in the Assistant view. To  test it, we'll select content that contains text  
00:03:18structure that we want to convert and click the  new custom action, and we'll choose "replace",  
00:03:26and you can see that it converted it to the  complex structure that we recorded. 
00:03:33If you save the recorded instruction as  a favorite prompt, it will be available  
00:03:37in this drop-down menu at the  bottom of the Chat view. 
00:03:43For more information about the Oxygen AI  Positron Assistant, see our webpage.

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