VideosWhat's New in Oxygen Web Author 21.1.1


Duration: 02:51
This video presents some of the new features in Oxygen XML Web Author 21.1.1.


00:00:05The latest release for Oxygen XML Web Author has arrived!
00:00:09Here are some of the highlights of what's new in this version.
00:00:13A file comparison tool was added that can be used to show differences between files,
00:00:19for example, differences between the current document and its latest version that was saved
00:00:23in the repository.
00:00:26It is a visual comparison tool, so the documents are displayed in each pane similar to how
00:00:31they look in the Web Author visual editor.
00:00:34Detected differences are grouped into highlighted blocks in each pane with dynamic lines connected
00:00:40them, and a darker shade within a block identifies specific changes.
00:00:46The markers on the right-side vertical stripe help you to quickly identify the locations
00:00:51of the differences and the toolbar at the top also includes some navigation buttons
00:00:58... as well as a drop-down button that allows you to select the amount of tags to display.
00:01:06Web Author now includes a DITA Map view that presents the map like a table of contents.
00:01:12The view is displayed by clicking a toolbar button.
00:01:16You can double-click any of the topics displayed in this view and it will open the document
00:01:21in the main editor without reloading the entire web page.
00:01:26You can use Control + Enter on your keyboard to open a topic in a new browser tab.
00:01:35You can also drag an item from the DITA Map view and drop it in the current document to
00:01:39insert a reference to the dragged item.
00:01:46Speaking of drag and drop actions, this type of functionality has been added throughout
00:01:52other parts of the Web Author interface to make it easier to upload files or move and insert content.
00:01:59For example: You can also drag a file from your system
00:02:02and drop it into the Web Author file browser to upload it to your repository.
00:02:10You can drag an image file from your system and drop it into your current document and
00:02:14Web Author will insert it as a reference to the image file.
00:02:20You can drag a selected block of content from another web page and drop it into your document
00:02:25and it will be inserted and converted to valid markup.
00:02:30And you can move blocks of XML content using drag and drop actions.
00:02:36These were just a few of the new features and improvements added in this version.
00:02:41For a complete list of all the additions, go to our "What's New in Oxygen XML Web Author”
00:02:47page on our website.

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