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Duration: 05:36
This video presents some of the new features in Oxygen XML Editor 21.


00:00:05The highly anticipated release of Version 21 of the Oxygen suite of products has arrived!
00:00:11Here are some of the highlights of what's new in Oxygen 21.
00:00:17Since DITA is such a popular standard, improvements for DITA authors are always at the top of our list.
00:00:23For example, the DITA Reusable Components view now has a new tiles style of layout and
00:00:31there are some new filtering options to make it even easier to find the keys and components
00:00:35you want to insert.
00:00:42When inserting an image, you can edit its attributes and reference it using the keyref attribute ...
00:00:47...and the in-place attribute editor now includes a preview feature to help ensure
00:00:57you are choosing the correct image.
00:01:00This feature is also available in the Attributes view.
00:01:05Conditional processing attributes can now be specified using grouped values.
00:01:11This is intended for situations where an attribute applies to multiple specialized subcategories.
00:01:20Oxygen now comes bundled with the latest verion of the DITA Open Toolkit publishing engine.
00:01:29Web Author, the innovative online authoring tool, was greatly enhanced for this major release.
00:01:35For DITA documents, you now have a new DITA Keys toolbar button that opens a dialog box
00:01:41where you can quickly find a particular key and easily insert a reference to it in your document.
00:01:49You now have the ability to integrate Web Author with even more file repository services,
00:01:55such as Alfresco ... Perforce Helix ... and more.
00:02:03Web Author now includes a new document template for creating Markdown documents ...
00:02:11...and a simple Markdown editor with support for common Markdown syntax rules and syntax highlighting.
00:02:20Numerous design improvements were implemented for working with tables.
00:02:25For example, it is now easy to move an entire row or column ...
00:02:36...and a Table Properties dialog box is available for DITA documents for configuring various
00:02:41table-related options.
00:02:45Numerous feature requests were implemented for the CSS-based PDF publishing engine.
00:02:50You now have the ability to add an Edit link for each topic in the PDF output and clicking
00:02:57this link will open the particular topic in Web Author where the user can suggest or make
00:03:02changes directly in the source.
00:03:05It is now possible to display tracked changes and comments in the PDF output.
00:03:11They are displayed both directly in the document and also in the Comments section in Acrobat Reader.
00:03:19A lot of effort was put into making the JSON editing support as robust as other document types.
00:03:27The Outline view was redesigned to work seamlessly with JSON documents and it is automatically
00:03:33synchronized with the main editor.
00:03:37A more robust internal model is now featured.
00:03:42it displays the document structure even if the JSON content is not well formed.
00:03:48Validation errors are also shown in the Outline view.
00:03:52Another major improvement was the addition of an intelligent JSON schema-driven Content
00:03:58Completion Assistant that offers proposals for quickly inserting JSON structures that
00:04:04are valid at the current editing location.
00:04:10Oxygen also includes support for using XSLT processing to transform JSON documents to various formats,
00:04:18such as HTML.
00:04:23As always, various features were added for XSLT and XQuery developers.
00:04:29For example, the content completion now offers proposals for options in functions.
00:04:36Documentation is provided in the side window for these options ... as well as their values.
00:04:44New XPath 3.1 functions were added in the content completion, such as functions for
00:04:51maps and arrays.
00:04:54Similarly, the content completion in XQuery documents present new XPath 3.1 proposals,
00:05:01such as the various JSON functions.
00:05:07The Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon tool now allows you to set a Saxon configuration
00:05:12file for the compiling operation.
00:05:19These were just SOME of the numerous new features, updates, and implementations in Oxygen 21.
00:05:26For a complete list of all the additions,
00:05:29go to our "What's New in Oxygen 21” page on our website.

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