VideosWhat's New in Oxygen XML Editor 20


Duration: 05:11
This video presents some of the new features in Oxygen XML Editor 20.


00:00:06Version 20 of the Oxygen suite of products is here! ... and it includes a variety of
00:00:11new powerful features and improvements designed to enhance your XML authoring, developing,
00:00:16publishing, and collaboration to be as productive as possible.
00:00:20Here are some of the highlights of what's new in Oxygen 20.
00:00:28Publishing DITA content is greatly enhanced with the introduction of Oxygen Publishing
00:00:32Templates... a package that defines all aspects of the layout and style of WebHelp Responsive output.
00:00:40The built-in templates gallery now includes tags to make it easier to find and filter templates.
00:00:49The 'Save template as' button can be used to export an existing template package to
00:00:54use as a starting point for creating your own custom template.
00:00:59Your custom templates can then be added to the templates gallery and can easily be
00:01:04shared with the rest of your team.
00:01:14We listened to requests from our DITA users and added more refactoring actions and validation options.
00:01:20You can now quickly convert a topic with multiple sections into new separate topics.
00:01:36You can easily convert CALS tables to simple tables.
00:01:47and you now have two new options in the DITA Map completeness check to report key definitions
00:01:52and reusable elements that aren't referenced anywhere in the context map.
00:02:02As always, we continue to add new features and improvements for XSLT developers.
00:02:08Text Value Templates now offer content completion proposals for Xpath expressions.
00:02:16We've also added some refactoring actions ... For example, to rename parameters, variables,
00:02:22or functions.
00:02:28...and when invoking the content completion assistant on functions and templates, their
00:02:33documentation is displayed in a popup window.
00:02:40Schematron Quick Fixes were also enhanced.
00:02:43The quick fix proposals can now be presented in the same language as the application.
00:02:51You can now generate the same quick fix for multiple matches by using the "use-for-each" attribute.
00:03:01On the SQF development side, it's now easier to reference user entries since they are now
00:03:07presented in the content completion list and we also added refactoring actions.
00:03:16Add-ons are a great way to extend Oxygen's functionality and provide a faster release cycle.
00:03:23One of the most requested features in recent years has been for us to add a built-in Git client.
00:03:29A new add-on contributes a Git Staging view directly in Oxygen and provides various actions
00:03:34to perform common Git commands, such as push, pull, change branch & commit.
00:03:43DocBook users now have access to an add-on that contributes an action for checking DocBook files for completeness.
00:03:59...and Xspec users can install an add-on that provides a built-in tool for running Xspec test scenarios
00:04:07and you can view the results directly in Oxygen.
00:04:16Oxygen XML Web Author also received its share of improvements.
00:04:21When reviewing documents, actions to accept or reject tracked changes are now much easier to acces,...
00:04:35you now have the ability to edit image maps in DITA documents
00:04:44and for non-technical users, an admin can now configure the behavior of the Enter key
00:04:49so that it matches what they're used to in a standard word processor.
00:04:55These were just SOME of the many new features and improvements in this version.
00:04:58For a complete list, go to our "What's New in Oxygen 20" page on our website or simply click the link here.

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