VideosWhat's New in Oxygen XML Editor 19


Duration: 03:50
This video presents some of the new features in Oxygen XML Editor 19.


00:00:06oXygen 19 brings you a variety of new features and improvements to make your XML authoring
00:00:11and developing more productive and powerful than ever before.
00:00:15Here is just some of the new features in version 19.
00:00:24Some new actions were added to the DITA Maps Manager that allow you to create new topics
00:00:29faster than ever.
00:00:31You can duplicate existing topics to start editing your new topic with an existing XML structure
00:00:43...and the Fast Create Topics feature allows you to quickly create multiple new topics at once
00:00:50and adds a hierarchical structure of topic references in the DITA map.
00:01:00Have you ever experienced the tedious process of manually converting DITA documents to a
00:01:04different type?
00:01:06Well, now you can quickly convert a DITA document to another type
00:01:11and behind the scenes oXygen will map the structure of the original document type to
00:01:16a structure that fits the new type.
00:01:23The brand new DITA Reusable Components view collects all of the keys that are defined
00:01:28in your root map
00:01:30and presents them in a dynamic table where you can easily find the particular key you need
00:01:35and quickly insert a link to it within your document.
00:01:45The search mechanism in WebHelp output received a variety of new features and improvements.
00:01:50The search field now features autocompletion to make it even faster to construct queries.
00:01:59You can now use phrase searches to obtain exact results by surrounding the text with quotes.
00:02:10Each result now displays missing terms that were not found in that particular document.
00:02:16And...the performance of the search engine was also improved to maximize efficiency.
00:02:27Version 19 also introduces oXygen Chemistry,
00:02:32our early access experimental CSS-based PDF processing engine.
00:02:38For all of you who are familiar with CSS, this makes it very easy to style and customize
00:02:44the PDF output of your DITA projects.
00:02:47This is especially helpful for those of you who are not comfortable working with xsl:fo customizations.
00:02:55Since CSS is such a popular styling language, Chemistry makes PDF customizations as easy
00:03:01as editing the stylesheet.
00:03:09There is a new toolbar button that allows you to insert audio clips,
00:03:13videos, and other media objects not only in your DITA documents,
00:03:17but also for DocBook and XHTML.
00:03:22Your media content can be played directly in the Author visual editing mode
00:03:26and it will be displayed in any HTML5-based output.
00:03:32Again, these were just some of the new features and improvements in oXygen 19.
00:03:38To see the complete list, go to our "What's New in oXygen 19.0" page on our website or
00:03:43simply click the link here.

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