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Duration: 02:08
This video demonstration presents an overview of the WebHelp Responsive online help system.


00:00:07Starting with version 18.0, oXygen introduced a new online help publishing system called
00:00:13WebHelp Responsive. The name comes from the system's ability to
00:00:17adapt to any device and screen size to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience.
00:00:27By default the WebHelp Responsive transformation scenarios come with two predefined templates:
00:00:36one of them presents the first-level topics as a collection of tiles
00:00:42and the other one presents the first and second level topics as a tree.
00:00:49See how the two output variants look like.
00:00:54Each of these templates come with several variants of styling and colors, called skins.
00:01:02These predefined skins were designed to cover a variety of color schemes and styles.
00:01:15The WebHelp Responsive output can be modified to suit your specific needs.
00:01:19The most frequent customizations include changing the product or company logo, adding text in
00:01:26predefined placeholders in the main page, and altering the styling of the tiles.
00:01:35It includes a feedback system that allows you to interact with your users through comment
00:01:43A developer may also customize virtually any aspect of the output. For example, you can
00:01:49create new templates or skins and adjust the styling of each of them.
00:01:54For more details about the customization methods and tips, see the oXygen UserGuide.
00:02:01And this concludes the demonstration. Thanks for watching!

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