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Duration: 01:59
This demonstration covers the basic aspects of the change tracking mechanism implemented in Oxygen.


00:00:07Oxygen includes a "Track Changes" feature that allows you to review changes that you
00:00:12or other authors have made and then accept or reject them.
00:00:16This demonstration covers the basic aspects of this change tracking mechanism.
00:00:22One of the topics in our sample map contains a series of tracked changes made by another author.
00:00:28Notice that deleted content is marked with a strike-through line,
00:00:32while inserted content is underlined.
00:00:35By default, for both types of changes, the foreground color is set automatically, but
00:00:40you can easily customize this and other aspects of how the changes are rendered from the
00:00:46oXygen "Review" preferences page.
00:00:48For example, we will set a green color for the inserted content
00:00:58a red color for the deleted content.
00:01:06Also, to make the deletions stand out, we choose to have a colored background.
00:01:14To contribute to the tracked changes, we need to activate the feature by toggling the toolbar
00:01:19button to an enabled state.
00:01:23From now on, all of our modifications in the document will be marked according to the type of change.
00:01:30Hovering over a change marker with the mouse pointer displays a small helper window that
00:01:36contains information about the user and a modification timestamp.
00:01:41To manage the modifications, there are multiple actions available on the toolbar ...
00:01:49in the contextual menu ...
00:01:58... and in a dedicated Review panel that can be
00:02:02activated from this toolbar button.
00:02:14Another way to view the changes in a document is to activate review callouts from the oXygen
00:02:19"Callouts" preferences page.
00:02:35Various change management actions are also available on the contextual menu of the Callouts.
00:02:48And this concludes our demonstration.
00:02:50Thanks for watching.

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