Oxygen XML Product Consulting Services Terms

If your support requirements fall outside those provided by the standard Support and Maintenance Package, Syncro Soft offers special product consulting services that you can purchase in order to have individual support for specific needs regarding your project. This allows the customer to have special consultancy, one-on-one contact with our engineers, to answer questions and get dedicated help.

Since we do not maintain a staff of contract consultants, any consultancy project we take on will have an impact on our product development schedule. Our minimum fee reflects the opportunity costs associated with diverting one of our software programmers from the product schedule to a custom consulting project.

Each Product Consulting Services is performed under a billable agreement, under the following terms:

  1. You are required to agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the General Terms and Conditions for Product Consulting Services.
  2. Product consulting services are billed on an hourly basis at standard rate of 160 USD/hour.

  3. Consulting services are subject to availability and require approval from the Syncro Soft Professional Services team in advance. Complete the Consulting Request Form and a Syncro Soft representative will check for available resources.

  4. Time proposals are estimates only, and do not construe any guarantee on the part of Syncro to complete said services within that estimate. You will only be billed for hours expended. If it is determined that the services will exceed the initial estimate, you will have the right to continue said service for a revised hourly estimate or decline further services by notifying Syncro.

  5. Payment is required in advance, based on the initial time estimation. Upon completion of services, you will be invoiced based on the time you pre-authorized. However, if your project is completed sooner, you will only be billed for the hours used.

Please complete the Consulting Request Form and if your request is approved, you will receive a Statement of Work (SOW) to outline what is included and the corresponding terms.


  • Syncro Soft has a network of external consultants/service integrators that might be able to better address your needs. We encourage you to engage and consult with these external, experienced consultant services for more complete assistance.

The terms of the Product Consulting Services are subject to change at Syncro’s discretion without notice at anytime. However, a Statement of Work (SOW) that references the consulting terms, and has been executed by the parties prior to any change taking effect in the terms of the Product Consulting Services, will not be impacted by any change unless such a change is expressly incorporated under a change order executed by the parties.