Case Study: Electronic Publishing

Electronic Publishing is leading the way in electronic document technology, creating innovative and affordable web and desktop based products and services. Our primary focus is to provide our clients with rich customized publishing and searching solutions that streamline their content publication and workflow processes using our one-document/one-click publishing model.

Description of the challenge:

Our clients typically work within strict publication timelines, and require a rigid standardization yet flexible workflow with regards to the drafting and publication of their content. Creating correctly structured documents with appropriate semantic markup allows our clients to achieve their standardization objectives, while freeing them from the mundane formatting tasks inherent in typical publishing programs. In addition, the structuring of the documents enables our custom search solutions to provide tailored search results specific to our client's needs, and to greatly enhance not only the end-user's efficiency and experience, but also the integrity of the published content.

How this affected your company?

Moving to a customized publishing and search solution has greatly affected the work we do, and how we do it. Streamlining our drafting and publishing workflows with a customized Oxygen solution has allowed us to create consistent error-free documents, and to seek out new business with clients who wish to do the same. Our clients couldn't be happier.

What made you choose Oxygen?

We've been using Oxygen as our in house XML editor for years, and have found the layout, configurability, and ability to integrate into Eclipse IDE to be integral for our day to day workflow. When we began to investigate creating our own custom authoring solution, Oxygen's extensibility and open API were both big winners for us. Oxygen's competitive price point, and superb support staff made it a no-brainer to us.

How do you describe the selection process?

Our previous experience with Oxygen as an XML editor, Oxygen's extensibility, open API, and wonderful support staff far surpassed any competitors that were on the market at the time. It was a natural selection for us.

How do you describe the interaction with Oxygen support staff?

Oxygen's support is nothing short of excellent. Despite being half way around the world, their turnaround on email inquiries is consistently within 24 hours. They have been accommodating with our feature requests, API suggestions, and have proved their dedication to creating a world class product.

How good was Oxygen in solving your problem?

Oxygen's open API, and forward thinking approach to application development has allowed us to build upon their existing product line to provide extremely customized content creation and publication tools for our clients. The final solution has exceeded our clients expectations and drastically increased their efficiency.

Describe the benefits after using Oxygen in your company:

The production time from the creation of content, to the finished product being published to multiple target formats is now faster than ever. Our clients are now able to concentrate more on content, and less on style. Standardized document structures, styles, and the one-document/one-click publishing model has resulted in a more uniform, efficient, and professional product for both our clients, and the end-users.

  • Alex Strudwick - Supervisor, Programmer/Analyst
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Queen's Printer