Buy Oxygen XML Editor Academic Classroom Upgrade & SMP

The classroom license can be used for courses, seminars or other non-commercial classroom teaching educational services.

The academic eligibility conditions are listed here: https://www.oxygenxml.com/academic. This license can be used by all the students of a course/seminar at the same time (up to 25 computers in the same physical Classroom).

Read the Classroom End User License Agreement


Buy once run everywhere - you can use one license to run Oxygenon any supported platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Eclipse, etc. One Upgrade or Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) license covers one license of Oxygen.
Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) - The one year Support & Maintenance Pack provides unlimited technical support and allows you to freely benefit of all new releases, major and minor for one year. It is available only if you buy it within a 14 days period after a previous SMP has expired, bundled with a new license or with an upgrade to Oxygen v21. An Oxygen v21 license covers all the v21.x maintenance releases. If you are interested to always have the latest version we recommend the 1year Support & Maintenance Pack(SMP) option. The SMP is thought to be a cost effective alternative to upgrades.
Upgrade to Oxygen XML Editor v21 Academic Classroom with 1 year Support & Maintenance Pack(SMP)
Product ID: 2Checkout #393476; Share-IT #168883; SyncroSoft #oxy-uamclass
Upgrade to Oxygen XML Editor v21 Academic Classroom with 2 years Support & Maintenance Pack(SMP)
Product ID: 2Checkout #4617265; Share-IT #300622049; SyncroSoft #oxy-uamclass2

Note: The software delivery is electronic only (ESD).

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