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The floating licenses allow you to install Oxygen XML Author on any number of workstations connected to your company network, but only the licensed number of instances will be able to run at the same time. For example, if you purchase two Floating(concurrent) licenses, an unlimited number of users can install and run Oxygen, but only two users (any two users) can run it at the same time.

The Enterprise edition of the subscription is the best solution for those working within a major company, as it provides all the same features included in the Professional edition, but also offers additional support for commercial databases (IBM DB2, Oracle 10.2, Microsoft SQL Server). Also, documents created using this edition can be used for any purpose.

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Buy once run everywhere. You can use one license to run Oxygen XML Author on any supported platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Eclipse, etc.
An Oxygen v25 license covers all the v25.x maintenance releases.
Oxygen XML Author v25 Professional Floating
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