Build Notes for Version 23.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2020121712

Mon, 21 Dec 2020 12:00:00 GMT

Preferences: Fixed an issue where setting a preferences page at project level would erroneously do the same thing for some child pages when reloading the project.

Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies: Fixed an issue where working sets defined in a previous session were no longer loaded when Oxygen was started.

XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where wrong content completion proposals were presented inside text value templates.

XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where invalid proposals were inserted when the Emmet plugin was triggered on content completion inside text value templates.

Author/DITA: Fixed an issue that may cause data loss when the same DITA map is edited simultaneously in the DITA Maps Manager view and in the main editing area.

Author/DITA: Fixed an issue where IDs generated in referenced content were not saved.

Author/DITA: Fixed an issue where in-place editing of location attributes (such as "href") in referenced content caused the insertion of invalid relative references.

Author/Lightweight DITA: Fixed a validation scenario issue where Lightweight DITA Topic documents were not properly validated.

Search references/DITA: Fixed an issue where searching for references in a main DITA map specified using the Master Files support sometimes returned incorrect results pointing to a non-existing DITA map location.

DITA Publishing: Transformation scenarios that have the "fix.external.refs" parameter set to "true" now work when running in parallel.

DITA Publishing: Fixed an issue where the publishing build failed when invoked without specifying the comprehensive list of jar libraries contributed by each plugin in the classpath.

macOS Big Sur/DITA Maps Manager: Fixed a color contrast issue where the text on the tabs in the "Edit Properties" dialog box presented from the DITA Maps Manager view was not visible.

Developer/UI Perspectives: Fixed a NullPointerException issue that prevented the XSLT Debugger perspective from loading when Oxygen XML Developer was started for the first time after it was upgraded from a version older than 22.0.

Eclipse plugin/Author: Fixed a SWTException that happened when using the floating contextual toolbar to edit images.

Eclipse plugin/Publishing: DITA-OT publishing with the "fix.external.refs" parameter set to "true" no longer fails.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an error that occurred while processing ligatures, causing the "DITA PDF - based on HTML5 & CSS" transformation to fail.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an issue where list items inside lists that contain "stepsections" were not aligned.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Updated the list of fallback fonts used to render the items in unordered lists.

Oxygen Publishing Engine: Now it is possible to set the front-page title position using both padding and margin without any impact on the title box model

Oxygen Publishing Engine: Fixed an issue where the "css.processor.type" parameter's value was not used when specified in a publishing template file ("*.opt").

Build ID: 2020111805

Thu, 19 November 2020 15:30:00 GMT