Build Notes for Version 22.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2020030607

Wed, 11 Mar 2020 13:00:00 GMT

Security: Fixed an issue where the users were asked to confirm the connection when the application tried to check for a new version. This is now done automatically.

Autocorrect: Fixed an issue where XML fragments specified as text-to-markup conversions were not loaded correctly.

New dialog: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened when creating a new XML file if a JSON schema was mistakenly chosen to be associated with it.

Toolbars: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened while the application layout was loaded.

GUI/Side views: Fixed an issue where the side views were not properly sized on HiDPI screens when running Oxygen with Java 8.

Validation Scenario: Fixed a minor issue in the new validation scenario creation process where the file filter that is set when browsing for a custom schema was always set to the "Schematron files (SCH)" type.

Open/Find Resource & DITA Reusable Components: Fixed an issue that caused file content indexing to fail, affecting all search-by-content operations.

Author/DITA: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened in the DITA Maps Manager view when "reltable" elements were used.

XHTML/Format and Indent: Fixed an issue where the opening JavaScript code for commenting out a CDATA block inside a "script" element was removed.

Chemistry/Hyphenation: Fixed a bug preventing publishing of DITA maps to PDF (CSS) when having index terms in the content and the hyphenation was enabled from the customization CSS.

XSL-FO Validation: Fixed an error that was reported in the Schematron validation schema when the "number-columns-spanned" attribute was missing from an "fo:table-column" element.

XSL-FO: Fixed an issue where running the default transformation on an open XSL-FO document started two consecutive transformations (based on the Antenna House and Apache FOP engines). Now only the transformation based on Apache FOP is started.

XSLT Debugger: Fixed an issue where the debugging process was halted when using "xsl:result-document" while having the "Show 'xsl:result-document' output" option set to "false".

JSON Editor/JSON Instance Generator: The "Indent with tabs" option is now properly handled when generating JSON content for actions invoked from the content completion feature or when generating JSON instances.

WebHelp Classic/DocBook: Display TOC when directly navigating to a topic.

Linux/Installer: Fixed an issue where application shortcuts (".desktop" files) were not copied to the Applications menu.

Build ID: 2020021016

Wed, 12 Feb 2020 15:30:00 GMT