Build History of Editor, Developer, and Author Releases

Build ID: 2018122811

Fri, 11 January 2019 12:00:00 GMT

Security: Improved the security model, some of third party processor features were turned off.

Build ID: 2018051511

Thu, 23 May 2018 12:00:00 GMT

Core: Fixed a problem where opened files would no longer automatically reload when an XSLT transformation modifies them. This was the case when the "Auto update unmodified editors on file system changes" option was disabled.

XSLT/Format and Indent: Fixed issue with format and indent XSLT documents sometimes changing the semantic meaning of XPath expressions.

Author / DITA: Fixed problem with the "Refresh references" action deleting characters in the XML content from elements containing content references on multiple levels.

DITA-OT: Fixed XSLT stylesheet in bundled DITA-OT distribution that prohibited the use of Saxon 9.8 for running the publishing.

Diff: Fixed problem in Diff Files, after copying differences from one side to the other, an extra Enter was added in some cases.

Build ID: 2018022209

Thu, 1 March 2018 09:00:00 GMT

macOS: Added "Prefer platform file chooser" checkbox in the Global Preferences to avoid situations where the native file chooser flickers but doesn't open.

Author / Find/Replace: The Replace operation was not correctly performed in the Author editing mode, if the replacement string was a regular expression containing capturing groups.

Author: Fixed problem with toolbar and menu actions no longer properly enabled, if the XML documents opened in the Author visual editing mode contained xi:include sections.

Author API/DITA: Improved performance when using Oxygen XML Editor with the Astoria CMS and opening a DITA map containing key scopes in the DITA Maps Manager.

Diff Files: When merging XML files with differences consisting of attribute changes, the closing tags were sometimes removed.

Eclipse/DocBook: DocBook to EPUB transformations did not work in Eclipse plugin.

Build ID: 2018020118

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 12:00:00 GMT

Eclipse/DITA Map WYSIWYG/Oxygen Chemistry: Oxygen Chemistry scripts were missing from the Eclipse distribution which made the DITA Map WYSIWYG transformation fail.

Build ID: 2018013010

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 12:00:00 GMT

macOS 10.13/Apache FOP/Oxygen Chemistry: All PDF transformations using Apache FOP or Oxygen Chemistry were failing on macOS 10.13/High Sierra with an OutOfMemoryError.

Build ID: 2017121318

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 09:00:00 GMT

Eclipse Plugin: Fixed memory leak as the memory occupied by opened XML documents was no longer reclaimed when the documents were closed.

Eclipse Update Site: Fixed an issue when installing the Oxygen Eclipse plugin from the update site where it appeared as "Uncategorized" in the list of available software.

Eclipse Plugin: Fixed an issue where changing the Author page background and foreground colors in the Eclipse plugin did not work when pressing Apply followed by OK in the preferences page.

DITA/Docbook/Other PDF Publishing: The Oxygen installation kit did not contain the fontbox library which was sometimes used by the Apache FOP to load OTF CFF fonts when publishing DITA or Docbook documents to PDF.

DITA Conversions: Fixed invalid content generated when converting from task to concept.

DITA Editing: When pasting a table from MS Word to an info element, an invalid choicetable was inserted.

XQuery: Improved the XQuery Format and Indent to take into account all XQuery 3.1 constructs when indenting.

WebHelp Search: The WebHelp search engine was improved to better handle query strings that contain underscore character.

WebHelp Classic: Fixed broken links generated in the Table of Contents for topic references with the scope="external" attribute in the ditamap.

WebHelp Classic: Fixed problem with top level breadcrumb showing only two levels of ancestor topics.

WebHelp Feedback Engine: Do not display "Post waiting for approval" message when moderation is off.

DocBook/WebHelp Feedback Engine: Feedback system did not work when DocBook was used to generate WebHelp Classic with Feedback.

WebHelp Responsive: Special XML characters like (&, <, >, ", ') used in Side TOC links text are now correctly escaped.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed some side TOC styling issues for "ph" elements used in titles.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where the top menu didn't load in the index terms page.

WebHelp Responsive with DITA OT 1.8: Publishing no longer fails when a map contains two topicrefs that point to the same DITA topic, but with different anchors.

WebHelp Responsive: The "" parameter is again taken into consideration.

WebHelp Responsive: The drop-down top menu can no longer be displayed outside of the visible browser area.

JSON Editing: Improved the JSON syntax highlighter to not fail when encountering invalid content.

XProc: Fixed an issue where the output of cx:messages was not presented even if the Show XProc messages option was enabled.

Project: Fixed incorrect "Missing File" error message that appeared when trying to save a project under a new name.

Compare Files: Fixed unhandled error reported during comparison.

Compare Files: Fixed problem with the application asking to save a modified file twice when closing the Compare Files dialog.

Compare Files: Fixed an issue that causes 3-way comparisons to fail when trying to keep the unmodified version of a file modified by the end user.

Compare Files: Pasting in the Author visual editor empty element over element containing modified attributes duplicated the empty pasted element.

Compare Files: Fixed unhandled error reported when comparing in the Author visual editing mode XML documents which contained special Oxygen template processing instructions.

Add-ons/Saxon-EE 9.8: Compiling an XSLT stylesheet to SEF did not present the encountered problems..

Docbook/XInclude: Fixed problems with the dialog used to xi:include content not properly computing the XPointer value when it was displayed after an initial insertion.

Author SDK: Fixed an error during the SDK build.

Build ID: 2017102417

Mon, 30 October 2017 09:00:00 GMT

macOS: Avoid missing main menu bar issue on macOS 10.13 High Sierra when the primary language is non-English.

Add-ons: Fixed an issue where some add-ons after installation were wrongly presented as not compatible with the current oXygen.

Add-ons/Saxon-EE 9.8: In some cases, stylesheet compilation using Saxon-JS was generating incomplete output so JIT compilation was disabled:

Author/DocBook: Fixed counter-related problems in the Author editing mode for DocBook documents that contain a "chapter" element as the root element of a document.

DITA Maps Manager: Fixed problem when topic opened from the DITA Maps Manager in a certain DITA 1.3 key scope did not properly resolve its key references in that certain key scope.

DITA: When searching in Reusable components first are presented the items that contain exactly the searched word or a suffixed version of the word.

DITA/Reusable topics detection: If a map is referenced with processing-role="resource-only" then all of its topicrefs are considered reusable topics.

DITA-OT: Building PDF output from DITA content using the RenderX XEP processor no longer worked by default using the bundled DITA-OT 2.x rendering engine.

DITA-OT: Using the @outputclass attribute in DITA codeblocks to specify the syntax highlight coloring scheme no longer worked in the PDF and HTML-based outputs.

DITA-OT: Fixed NullPointerException that happened rarely when publishing with bundled DITA Open Toolkit 2.5.2.

DITA-OT: Fixed DITA-OT 2.5.2 issue where text displayed for related links without specified link text was not properly computed.

DocBook: Fixed problem with XInclude 1.1 support for copying attribute values not being properly implemented.

Diff: Fixed a NullPointerException error that appeared while resizing the Compare Files dialog box to the minimum.

Diff: Fixed some focus transferring issues within the Compare Files dialog box.

Diff: Significant performance improvement for Diff tools, for cases when comparing files with thousands of similar differences (like a rename of an element in a very large XML file).

Saxon: Avoid StackOverflowError in particular cases when using Saxon-EE to parse XML documents using certain XML schemas.

WebHelp Classic: Breadcrumb may present wrong hierarchy when you load a topic from the search results.

WebHelp Classic/WebHelp Responsive: Fixed a regression introduced in version 19.1 that shows special characters as entity value instead of the character (e.g. "&apos;" instead of "'").

WebHelp Feedback Engine: Comment time displayed to user was not using the user's timezone.

WebHelp Responsive Side TOC: Spaces between adjacent "ph" elements are not stripped in the tooltip content.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed Side TOC tooltip style issues.

WebHelp Responsive: The webhelp.favicon parameter was no longer working for WebHelp Responsive transformation, now fixed.

XQuery: Properly expand editor variables used in XSLT/XQuery parameter values based on the current opened document.

XSLT Editor: Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException that appeared when opening XSL files containing Text Value Templates that stretch across multiple text lines.

Build ID: 2017092911

Fri, 29 September 2017 15:30:00 GMT

Build ID: 2017062918

Wed, 5 July 2017 10:00:00 GMT

Windows/DITA Maps Manager: Avoided a Java VM crash on Windows 10 Creators Update (v10.0.15063) when using the DITA Maps Manager file browse dialogs to insert references (due to
e.g. Append child/Insert Before/Insert After > Reference.

Xerces/XML validation with XSD: Fixed bug with XML Schema uniqueness constraints no longer being reported when validating an XML document.

Project/Rename: Fixed a regression that prevented the change of letter case from directory and file names during renaming (Error message was "Unable to rename file. There is already a file with the same name in this location:").

Text mode: It was not possible to paste in Text mode content copied from a different instance of Oxygen.

DITA Maps Manager/Edit properties: When editing the properties, the "topicmeta" element was inserted before the "title" element (if present), resulting in invalid content.

DITA: Because of a bug in the DITA RelaxNG schema, DITA 1.3 RelaxNG-based topics were identified as DITA 1.2 topics and certain DITA 1.3 features did not work properly.

DITA: Fixed NullPointerException that appeared when editing attributes in a document with a DITA doctype that could not be correctly determined from a processing instruction.

Quick Assist/Quick Fix: Resolved a conflict between Quick Assist and Quick Fix actions that caused the Quick Assist action to no longer be presented when a Quick Fix was available.

New Dialog: : "File name" field was not updated when selecting different file templates.

New Dialog: Typing in the Save As combo box or in the File name text field didn't select the corresponding template type based on the provided file extension.

New Dialog/DITA: Sometimes the Title field remained disabled (title could not be changed) for DITA templates.

New Dialog/DITA: The panel where DITA-related information can be specified didn't appear for DITA templates without .properties files.

New Dialog/DITA: When a new DITA file was created from the Data Source Explorer view, the title specified in the dialog didn't appear in the newly created file.

XSLT/Validation: Only elements from the XSLT namespace are now subject to bad practice checks.

XSLT/Validation: The validation with Schematron rules for XSLT documents with documentation tags was broken if Allow foreign elements (allow-foreign) option was disabled in Preferences, XML > XML Parser > Schematron).

Saxon XQuery: XQuery 3.1 support is now available (default enabled) for the Saxon XQuery processor. This can be controlled in general options and in the transformation scenario transformer specific options.

CSS editor: Pressing Enter inside a CSS multi line comment before a '*' character or just in front of the comment itself, inserted a '*' on the same line before the cursor position.

JavaScript editing: When pressing Enter in a single line comment, an asterisk was inserted on the new line (as if it were a multi-line comment).

OS X/Author/Form controls: Interacting with the Oxygen XML Editor Workspace from a browser form control could result in a deadlock on OS X (because of

Eclipse/Start-up: Avoid a potential freeze on start-up that occurred in rare circumstances.

Eclipse/Author: Fixed "Replace All" issue that was blocking the Author editing mode in the Eclipse plugin when the searched string was a prefix of the replaced string.

Eclipse Plugin/DITA: Creating cross references using the Author action and keys, when the keys are retrieved from some implementations of an API keys manager, would sometimes cause Eclipse to freeze.

DITA/WebHelp Classic: Fixed a regression introduced in version 19.0 that broke the Index tab filter in DITA WebHelp Classic output.

WebHelp Responsive: Avoid copying locally remote referenced videos when publishing to WebHelp with the "" parameter enabled.

XML Refactoring/Error: Solved a problem that was causing a "Fire should be on the AWT thread" error when performing an XML Refactoring operation that needed to refresh/update references between resources.

Build ID: 2017042020

Mon, 24 April 2017 14:00:00 GMT

New Dialog: The Create button was disabled if the user previously cleared the URL combo box.

New Dialog: Fixed a focus problem when New dialog is invoked from project. Sometimes focus was requested in search field instead of File Name field or URL combo.

New Dialog: Disabled the URL combo and 'Use title to generate the file name' checkbox when dialog invoked from Create New File (Ctrl+Click navigation) to create a new DITA file.

New Dialog: Sometimes the Title field was read-only even if the DITA template has title.

New Dialog: If the previous selected template was "Ant Build", the proposed file name remained build.xml even if the template changed.

Diff Directories: Avoid exception in the "Compare Directories Against a Base" dialog when the "Ignore nodes by XPath" option is set.

Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed Stack Overflow error in Saxon 9.7 XSLT processor when processing XSLTs defining xml:id attributes.

Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed Saxon 9.7 "Duplicate binding slot assignment" error that occurred when XSLT containing attribute set was included from two places in the main XSLT.

Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed an issue that caused the stylesheet compilation to fail because of missing catalogs.

XSLT/Content completion: Fixed content completion proposals in XSLT stylesheets when the default prefix was bound to a specified namespace on the stylesheet root element.

Spell Check: Fixed the merging of non-synthetic default dictionaries (from Oxygen) with a user's additional dictionaries (e.g. "en_US.dic" from Oxygen with a user's "en-us-medical.dic").

Markdown/DITA-OT: Updated DITA-OT Markdown plug-in to version 1.3.0 to support YAML headers in Markdown content.

Author/Form Controls: Optimized memory consumption when browser form controls are used in standalone application.

DITA Publishing: Fixed publishing of XML Schema based DITA topics.

Mac/Linux/DITA Reusable Components: The contextual menu from "DITA Reusable Components" was not shown on Linux and Mac, when right clicking on the Keys table.

DITA: "DITA Map MS Office Word" transformation output now shows page numbers.

DITA-OT: Fixed DITA Open Toolkit 2.x problem with properly generating HTML topics when using branch filtering.

DITA-OT 2.x: Fix problem with some images referenced via keyref not appearing in Word document.

DITA Maps Manager: Avoid unhandled error "Fire should be on the AWT thread" reported when renaming a topic in the DITA Maps Manager.

DITA Maps Manager: If Edit Properties was used to change from topicref to topichead, extra unnecessary initial attributes were not removed.

DITA/WebHelp Responsive: Fixed WebHelp transformation error that cause the output generation to fail if the DITA map contained an empty topichead.

WebHelp: The auto-complete suggestions in the WebHelp search text field did not work when publishing a DITA map that contains JavaScript special characters (single or double quotes) in titles or keywords.

XML Refactoring/Preview: Avoid reporting false differences when changing attribute values using XML refactoring.

Add-ons: When add-ons updates are available, the description of the update is now presented in the add-ons related dialogs.

API: When ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.CustomAttributeValueEditor.shouldHandleAttribute(EditedAttribute) returns false, the Edit button from the attributes editing panel is replaced with the Browse button.

Eclipse plugin: Creating a new XSLT test unit now works in the Eclipse plugin.

WebHelp Responsive: The phrase search function did not work if the the search query contains punctuation characters like comma or dot.

Build ID: 2017033118

Wed, 5 April 2017 10:00:00 GMT