Build Notes for Version 19.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2017062918

Wed, 5 July 2017 10:00:00 GMT

Windows/DITA Maps Manager: Avoided a Java VM crash on Windows 10 Creators Update (v10.0.15063) when using the DITA Maps Manager file browse dialogs to insert references (due to
e.g. Append child/Insert Before/Insert After > Reference.

Xerces/XML validation with XSD: Fixed bug with XML Schema uniqueness constraints no longer being reported when validating an XML document.

Project/Rename: Fixed a regression that prevented the change of letter case from directory and file names during renaming (Error message was "Unable to rename file. There is already a file with the same name in this location:").

Text mode: It was not possible to paste in Text mode content copied from a different instance of Oxygen.

DITA Maps Manager/Edit properties: When editing the properties, the "topicmeta" element was inserted before the "title" element (if present), resulting in invalid content.

DITA: Because of a bug in the DITA RelaxNG schema, DITA 1.3 RelaxNG-based topics were identified as DITA 1.2 topics and certain DITA 1.3 features did not work properly.

DITA: Fixed NullPointerException that appeared when editing attributes in a document with a DITA doctype that could not be correctly determined from a processing instruction.

Quick Assist/Quick Fix: Resolved a conflict between Quick Assist and Quick Fix actions that caused the Quick Assist action to no longer be presented when a Quick Fix was available.

New Dialog: : "File name" field was not updated when selecting different file templates.

New Dialog: Typing in the Save As combo box or in the File name text field didn't select the corresponding template type based on the provided file extension.

New Dialog/DITA: Sometimes the Title field remained disabled (title could not be changed) for DITA templates.

New Dialog/DITA: The panel where DITA-related information can be specified didn't appear for DITA templates without .properties files.

New Dialog/DITA: When a new DITA file was created from the Data Source Explorer view, the title specified in the dialog didn't appear in the newly created file.

XSLT/Validation: Only elements from the XSLT namespace are now subject to bad practice checks.

XSLT/Validation: The validation with Schematron rules for XSLT documents with documentation tags was broken if Allow foreign elements (allow-foreign) option was disabled in Preferences, XML > XML Parser > Schematron).

Saxon XQuery: XQuery 3.1 support is now available (default enabled) for the Saxon XQuery processor. This can be controlled in general options and in the transformation scenario transformer specific options.

CSS editor: Pressing Enter inside a CSS multi line comment before a '*' character or just in front of the comment itself, inserted a '*' on the same line before the cursor position.

JavaScript editing: When pressing Enter in a single line comment, an asterisk was inserted on the new line (as if it were a multi-line comment).

OS X/Author/Form controls: Interacting with the Oxygen XML Editor Workspace from a browser form control could result in a deadlock on OS X (because of

Eclipse/Start-up: Avoid a potential freeze on start-up that occurred in rare circumstances.

Eclipse/Author: Fixed "Replace All" issue that was blocking the Author editing mode in the Eclipse plugin when the searched string was a prefix of the replaced string.

Eclipse Plugin/DITA: Creating cross references using the Author action and keys, when the keys are retrieved from some implementations of an API keys manager, would sometimes cause Eclipse to freeze.

DITA/WebHelp Classic: Fixed a regression introduced in version 19.0 that broke the Index tab filter in DITA WebHelp Classic output.

WebHelp Responsive: Avoid copying locally remote referenced videos when publishing to WebHelp with the "" parameter enabled.

XML Refactoring/Error: Solved a problem that was causing a "Fire should be on the AWT thread" error when performing an XML Refactoring operation that needed to refresh/update references between resources.

Build ID: 2017042020

Mon, 24 April 2017 14:00:00 GMT

New Dialog: The Create button was disabled if the user previously cleared the URL combo box.

New Dialog: Fixed a focus problem when New dialog is invoked from project. Sometimes focus was requested in search field instead of File Name field or URL combo.

New Dialog: Disabled the URL combo and 'Use title to generate the file name' checkbox when dialog invoked from Create New File (Ctrl+Click navigation) to create a new DITA file.

New Dialog: Sometimes the Title field was read-only even if the DITA template has title.

New Dialog: If the previous selected template was "Ant Build", the proposed file name remained build.xml even if the template changed.

Diff Directories: Avoid exception in the "Compare Directories Against a Base" dialog when the "Ignore nodes by XPath" option is set.

Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed Stack Overflow error in Saxon 9.7 XSLT processor when processing XSLTs defining xml:id attributes.

Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed Saxon 9.7 "Duplicate binding slot assignment" error that occurred when XSLT containing attribute set was included from two places in the main XSLT.

Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed an issue that caused the stylesheet compilation to fail because of missing catalogs.

XSLT/Content completion: Fixed content completion proposals in XSLT stylesheets when the default prefix was bound to a specified namespace on the stylesheet root element.

Spell Check: Fixed the merging of non-synthetic default dictionaries (from Oxygen) with a user's additional dictionaries (e.g. "en_US.dic" from Oxygen with a user's "en-us-medical.dic").

Markdown/DITA-OT: Updated DITA-OT Markdown plug-in to version 1.3.0 to support YAML headers in Markdown content.

Author/Form Controls: Optimized memory consumption when browser form controls are used in standalone application.

DITA Publishing: Fixed publishing of XML Schema based DITA topics.

Mac/Linux/DITA Reusable Components: The contextual menu from "DITA Reusable Components" was not shown on Linux and Mac, when right clicking on the Keys table.

DITA: "DITA Map MS Office Word" transformation output now shows page numbers.

DITA-OT: Fixed DITA Open Toolkit 2.x problem with properly generating HTML topics when using branch filtering.

DITA-OT 2.x: Fix problem with some images referenced via keyref not appearing in Word document.

DITA Maps Manager: Avoid unhandled error "Fire should be on the AWT thread" reported when renaming a topic in the DITA Maps Manager.

DITA Maps Manager: If Edit Properties was used to change from topicref to topichead, extra unnecessary initial attributes were not removed.

DITA/WebHelp Responsive: Fixed WebHelp transformation error that cause the output generation to fail if the DITA map contained an empty topichead.

WebHelp: The auto-complete suggestions in the WebHelp search text field did not work when publishing a DITA map that contains JavaScript special characters (single or double quotes) in titles or keywords.

XML Refactoring/Preview: Avoid reporting false differences when changing attribute values using XML refactoring.

Add-ons: When add-ons updates are available, the description of the update is now presented in the add-ons related dialogs.

API: When ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.CustomAttributeValueEditor.shouldHandleAttribute(EditedAttribute) returns false, the Edit button from the attributes editing panel is replaced with the Browse button.

Eclipse plugin: Creating a new XSLT test unit now works in the Eclipse plugin.

WebHelp Responsive: The phrase search function did not work if the the search query contains punctuation characters like comma or dot.

Build ID: 2017033118

Wed, 5 April 2017 10:00:00 GMT