Build Notes for Version 18.1 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer/Web Author

Build ID: 2017020917

Thu, 16 February 2017 13:00:00 GMT

XML Refactoring: Avoid unhandled NullPointerException error when applying XML refactoring operations on opened XML documents with no explicit encoding specified in the XML declaration. Regression introduced in build 2017013018.

DITA/WebHelp Classic: Fixed a regression introduced in build 2017013018 that caused the DITA WebHelp Classic transformations to ignore the picked skin.

Markdown: HTML preview panel was left blank if a URL with a query was encountered.

Build ID: 2017013018

Thu, 2 February 2017 9:00:00 GMT

Grid: The "Delete" keyboard shortcut no longer worked to delete a node in Grid mode.

Options/Frameworks: Fixed a problem with options and framework files not being saved when the temporary file from a previous failed save attempt remained in the same folder.

Spell Checker: Fixed a NullPointerException error ("Error - null" message) that could appear when invoking the contextual menu for a misspelled word with a non ASCII character.

Author/Callout: Fixed NullPointerException that appeared when highlighting a custom callout.

Author/DITA/API: Fixed NullPointerException error that appeared when using the "Insert Media Reference" action in a DITA topic, if the keys are provided using the API.

Author/DITA: Improved editing performance with very large table.

DITA/Image Map Editor: The "Image Map Editor" did not handle keyrefs.

Markdown: Obey space preserve elements when building the DITA preview from the Markdown content.

Find/Replace in Files: Avoided a NullPointerException error when pressing Cancel in the 'Find/Replace in Files' dialog with a specific set of find history.

XML Refactoring: The files modified using an XML Refactoring operation ended up with both types of line separators (CR+LF and LF).

Syntax Highlight: Syntax highlight colors for XQuery/XPath could not be imported from older versions of Oxygen.

DocBook/WebHelp Classic: The feedback engine did not work for the output of the "DocBook WebHelp Classic with Feedback" transformation scenario.

WebHelp Classic: The contextId parameter did not work with a URL that specifies the port.

WebHelp Responsive: The search function did not work after enabling stemming.

WebHelp Responsive: Avoid having the "undefined" word being highlighted in the output content.

Eclipse/Scaling: The breadcrumb navigation bar overlapped the first line from the editor when OS scaling is used (size of text, apps, etc > 100%).

Build ID: 2016112217

Mon, 28 November 2016 13:00:00 GMT

Startup: Avoid blocking Oxygen on open while computing the list of last opened files if there are files from inaccessible network drives in that list.

Options/Import DITAVAL: Importing a DITAVAL ("Import from DITAVAL..." in "Profiling/Conditional Text" preferences) with a DOCTYPE declaration failed because the XML catalogs were not being used.

Markdown: Properly display nested lists, indented with two Space characters, in the Preview area of a Markdown editor.

Toolbar configuration: The icons of the actions from the Markdown toolbar were not rendered in the toolbar configuration dialog box.

Mac/Author: Option+Shift+key can now be used to insert special characters.

DITA/Image Map Editor: The values of the 'format' attribute, set on links to various non-DITA resources used in image map sections, were not properly computed.

Author/Profiling Attributes: The quick find filter from the "Edit Profiling Attributes" dialog box is now case-insensitive, so it correctly presents all the elements that match the given filter.

Author/SVG/Form Controls: When clicking on external links from a form control that renders a SVG file, the external links are opened in the system application.

Author/MathML: MathML equations showed "Cannot display image (hover for details)", if the namespace declaration was not on the math (equation) element.

Author/XQueryUpdateOperation: The context element wasn't identified for a document that used namespace prefixes.

Eclipse/Author: Inserting a media object no longer leaves temporary files behind.

WebHelp/Compatibility: WebHelp 18.0 (plugin) could not be used with Oxygen 18.1. Updated the WebHelp transformation classpath to prefer the Lucene library distributed with the WebHelp plugin instead of the Lucene library that comes bundled with Oxygen.

System properties: The system property com.oxygenxml.editor.frameworks.url no longer worked to specify the frameworks location.

Mac/GUI: Disabled buttons did not use Retina icons.

XML Refactory: Editors corresponding to files modified by an operation from the XML Refactory tool were not updated after the operation was finished.

Attributes view: Fixed NullPointerException error that appeared when editing attributes in the Attributes view.

Author: Fixed NullPointerException error that appeared when building the menu corresponding to the document type associated to an opened file.

Elements view: Fixed NullPointerException error that appeared when trying to insert an element from the Elements view.

Build ID: 2016110916

Tue, 10 November 2016 15:00:00 GMT

Eclipse/Spell Checker: The spell checker failed to load with the message "Error Could not load Hunspell."

Build ID: 2016102619

Tue, 27 October 2016 14:00:00 GMT

Critical: Linux/Mac/Project: The project (.xpr) file was deleted as soon as it was modified (when project auto-save was triggered), on Linux and Mac systems where the temporary folder is on a different file system/partition than the project file.

DITA-OT: The DITA-OT integrator ("Run DITA-OT Integrator" transformation) failed, if the default DITA-OT was set to "Built-in DITA-OT 1.8" in Options > Preferences, DITA.

DITA/Validation: "Validate and Check for Completeness" was incorrectly reporting a "Recursive reference to DITA map" error.

Markdown / HTML result/preview: Fixed various issues in the HTML conversion/preview (removed extra line breaks, fixed task list insertion and conversion).

Markdown / HTML result/preview: Paragraphs located before the first title were excluded from the HTML conversion/preview.

Diff Files/Directories: The diff tools (Diff Files and Diff Directories) would get stuck when using the "Syntax aware" algorithm to compare some PHP files.

Retina/HiDPI / Diff Directories: Added high resolution toolbar icons for the Diff Directories tool (applies to Retina/HiDPI displays).

OS X/Retina/Diff Files: The hovering widgets for copying and appending changes were too large and got cut off on Retina displays.

Schematron Quick Fix (SQF): Oxygen location attributes appeared on the elements created by a Schematron Quick Fix.

Author/SQF: Cursor was not positioned correctly after a quick fix which deletes text content was executed in Author mode.

WebHelp Responsive: Inline images were displayed on separate lines.

WebHelp/DITA: Avoided problem with video and audio resources being duplicated in the WebHelp output folder at each transformation.

Build ID: 2016101417

Tue, 18 October 2016 10:00:00 GMT