Build Notes for Version 18.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer/Web Author

Build ID: 2016081012

Thu, 11 August 2016 12:30:00 GMT

XML Refactoring/Delete attribute: The "Delete attribute" operation did not take into account the specified XPath expression indicating the element.

Windows/Text mode/Metal L&F: When using the Metal look and feel, the selected text foreground and selection color were set to the color used for the token item located at the position from which the selection was started.

Text mode: Fixed paint artifacts that appeared when navigating documents, if both "Line wrap" and "Highlight current line" options were active (Options > Preferences, Editor > Edit Modes > Text).

XQuery/Content Completion: When typing '<' between a pair of XML start and end tags, an end tag for the existing parent element was automatically inserted.

XQuery/Content Completion: When inserting XML tags, after an end tag was automatically inserted, the caret was positioned after the end tag instead of being placed before it (between the start and end tags).

SQF: Schematron compilation failed on complex assertions.

Database/Data Sources: Fixed a ServiceConfigurationError error that could appear while detecting some JDBC drivers to be used for a data source.

Author/Tables: Fixed selection and caret misplacement issue that appeared when selecting table rows using Shift + Mouse Click.

Author/DITA: Fixed NullPointerException errors that appeared each time a dialog box allowing to select a key was displayed.

DITA Maps Manager: The navigation title was not auto-generated when adding a reference to the currently edited file from the DITA Maps Manager view.

DITA Map PDF/SVG graphics: Patch a problem in Apache FOP 2.0 which caused text from SVG graphics to overlap in generated PDF.

DITA-OT 1.8: Related links are properly created when using DITA-OT 1.8 bundled with Oxygen, when profiling attributes are specified inside the relationship table.

Saxon-EE External/XQuery: XQuery transformation scenarios, and XQuery expressions ran from the XPath/XQuery Builder view failed with "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown type of result" when using the Saxon-EE 9.7 External transformer (add-on).

WebHelp: Corrected spelling mistakes in the French translation.

WebHelp Responsive: Custom scripts could not be injected in the WebHelp Responsive output through the predefined placeholders because the associated parameters (webhelp.fragment...) of the corresponding transformation scenarios did not work anymore.

WebHelp Responsive: Some UI strings were not localised for the WebHelp Responsive output.

WebHelp Responsive: Tile images were not properly laid out.

WebHelp Responsive/Mobile: Fixed layout issue between the Table of Contents and the Related Links areas on the mobile.

WebHelp plugin/DITA-OT 2.3.x: WebHelp plugin now works with DITA-OT 2.3 or newer.

Build ID: 2016062718

Thu, 28 June 2016 14:00:00 GMT

Windows/HiDPI: The close widgets from the editor tabs were blurry when Windows text size was set to 125%.

Windows/Startup: Avoided an issue that prevented the application from starting when the proxy auto-config (PAC) script detection failed fatally.

Browse Data Source Explorer/WebDAV: Folders expanded in the "Browse Data Source Explorer" dialog would remain stuck in the "Pending..." state, if they had already been expanded in the "Data Source Explorer" view.

Text mode: Fixed text rendering glitches that appeared if both "Line wrap" and "Highlight current line" options were active (Options > Preferences, Editor > Edit Modes > Text).

XQuery/Content Completion: The XQuery auto-completion of XML tags is now aware of XQuery comments.

Diff Files: The diff highlights were not painted properly (highlights were not aligned between the two editors, had shadow effects, inner highlights overran the parent highlight area).

XProc/XML Calabash: Fixed NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.fop.apps.FopFactory.newInstance() error when trying to generate PDFs from an XProc script.

Author: When an element had two attributes with the same local name, one inherited from an XML schema with a default value and the other specified in the XML document, the one specified in the document was discarded when saving.

Author: SurroundWithFragmentOperation did not handle the ${caret} editor variable correctly ( processing instruction was inserted) with Track Changes turned on.

Author: Fixed problem with SVGs which reference PNGs which are 8 bit encoded not being properly rendered.

Author/CSS: The "line-height" CSS property set on inline elements was not taken into account anymore.

Author/Image Map Editor: The Image Map Editor did not work with doctypes based on DTDs if the XML files contain default namespace declarations to "no namespace" (xmlns="").

Author/DITA: Avoid performance problem when using DITA paste as keyref in the same DITA topic

Author/DITA: "Search References" action properly finds all the references to an element when using keyscopes in a DITA map.

Author/DITA: When positioned at the beginning of a or element Tab and Shift+Tab did not move the caret to the next/previous element.

DITA Maps Manager: Edit Properties dialog box now works on references to DITA composites.

DITA Maps Manager: Fixed a situation when DITA maps got corrupted (became not well-formed) when renaming a referred topic file.

DITA Maps Manager: Fixed cases when an invalid message stating that "There are no references to update in accordance with the new location" was displayed after using the "Rename resource" action from the DITA Maps Manager view, if the Preview dialog box was displayed before.

DITA-OT 2.x: The "clean.output" DITA-OT publishing parameter did not work when DITAVAL filters were specified.

DocBook: The DocBook CALS table validation now properly takes into account the span information from tables that use the "spanspec" element.

WebHelp Responsive: The Index button was not aligned with the menu.

WebHelp Responsive: The link to the indexterms page is now visible on mobile devices.

WebHelp Responsive: Localization did not work for the Search and Print labels.

WebHelp Classic: Localization did not work.

WebHelp Classic with Feedback: E-mail notification settings for a specific user can be changed again from the Admin panel.

WebHelp: Fixed errors in computing paths to CSS files used by the generated HTML output files.

WebHelp: The short descriptions are now properly computed for the topics presented in the search results list, even if containing non-Latin text.

WebHelp with Feedback: "View All Posts" in Control Panel did not work.

Linux/Author Component/Applet: Fixed NullPointerException errors that appeared when initializing menus on some Linux distributions.

Build ID: 2016051118

Thu, 13 May 2016 08:00:00 GMT

Java Web Start: The Java Web Start distribution no longer started with Java SE 8u91 and later.

Windows & Linux/Editor: Restored mouse-wheel (font size) zooming in editor.

DITA Maps Manager: The DITA Maps Manager view switched its state to docked each time a new DITA map was opened, ignoring the auto-hide state.

DITA Maps Manager: When creating a new topic, due to the option "Use the title to generate the file name" the file name was always generated from the provided title, even if the file name was customized.

Diff Files: When expanding the drop-down list of recently opened files, even if you closed it with no action, the last selected file got loaded and diff automatically started.

Diff Files: Fixed the navigation through diffs - the "Next Change" and "Next Block of Changes" actions did not fully display the diff in the editors.

Three-way diff: When comparing with an XML-aware algorithm, if configured to ignore some nodes/types, the differences were sometimes incorrectly matched.

Three-way diff: When comparing with the Lines algorithm, the differences located on the last lines of the compared files were not presented correctly.

Three-way diff / OS X & Linux: Enabled three-way comparisons from the command-line. The scripts that launch the files comparison tool (Diff Files) did not pass the third command line parameter (the ancestor file) for three-way comparisons.

SVN Client: Fixed NullPointerException error that could appear when comparing files in the bundled SVN client when the application was started for the first time.

DITA-OT Transformation Scenarios: After creating a new DITA-OT scenario of "WebHelp Responsive" type the OK button from the transformation scenario editing dialog box remained disabled when editing other DITA-OT transformation scenarios.

GUI: Adjusted the size of the "Check for New Version" dialog box.

WebDAV: Fixed a NullPointerException that could appear during unlocking when closing files a from a WebDAV repository.

DocBook 5.1 Templates: The Book template was using the DocBook 5.0 schemas.

Author/DITA: Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when trying to use the Insert Cross-Reference dialog box to insert a key reference pointing to a non-existing topic.

Author/Table Validation: Fixed false table validation errors reported when validating a CALS table that contains entrytbl entries.

Author/Table Validation: The table validation engine now ignores properties tables from DITA.

Author/Image Map Editor: Adjusted the size of the Image Map Editor dialog box.

Author API/Attributes View: The default attributes editor is no longer invoked if a custom attributes editor is registered.

Content Completion Configuration template: Fixed inconsistency in comments on how the file should be named (cc_config.xml).

WebHelp: The index now includes all the indexterms, displayed hierarchically, not only the ones found on the first level.

WebHelp: Search did not work with keywords that start with the '-' (dash) character.

WebHelp with Feedback: Fixed broken "Approve" and "Delete" links included in the notification e-mails sent to the Admin/Moderator when a new message is posted.

WebHelp with Feedback: The feedback system would not work if there was a $ character in the password for the database connection because double quotes were used in "config.php" instead of single quotes.

WebHelp Responsive: Custom CSS skins were not applied if the name of the custom CSS file was other than "skin.css" (the default).

WebHelp Responsive: Restore compatibility with WebHelp URLs in the old format that used the # character to specify the topic path and name.

WebHelp Responsive: Improved presentation of the Table of Contents and Related Links areas.

WebHelp Responsive: Search results were not highlighted in the HTML page if the searched content contained non-ASCII characters.

DITA/WebHelp Responsive/DITA-OT 1.8: When @chunk="to-content" was used the DITA Map, the HTML output associated with a DITA topic contained invalid links to the needed JavaScript and CSS files.

DITA/WebHelp Responsive: The title of the DITA Map did not appear in the web browser title bar/tab for the main page.

WebHelp Responsive with Feedback: Fixed redirection to the installation page.

DITA/WebHelp Classic: When using @collection-type="sequence", navigation links (Next, Previous, Parent...) were no longer displayed.

DocBook/WebHelp Classic: The first topic from a map was not opened in the right side when clicking the "With Frames" button.

DocBook/WebHelp Classic: Two search fields appeared in the output of the DocBook to WebHelp Classic transformation for the index_frames.html page.

DocBook/WebHelp with Feedback: Feedback engine did not load the comments anymore.

Editor variables/${ask}: The message used with the ${ask} editor variable was also presented in the title of the dialog box.

Eclipse plugin/DITA-OT Transformation Scenarios/WebHelp Responsive: Fixed a NullPointerException error that appeared when trying to choose another custom CSS skin in the Templates tab of the dialog box used to edit a WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario.

Eclipse plugin/DITA-OT Transformation Scenarios/WebHelp Responsive: When editing a WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario by double-clicking it, the configured skin template was not correctly selected.

OS X/Eclipse plugin/Author Change Tracking: Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error that could appear when replying to a comment attached to a tracked change.

Author Component/Applet: The Hunspell spell checker did not work in the Author Component/Applet.

Build ID: 2016042012

Thu, 21 April 2016 15:00:00 GMT