Build Notes for Version 17.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2015072912

Thu, 30 July 2015 11:30:00 GMT

Author/Breadcrumb: Fixed a NullPointerException error that appeared when having content selected in the Author mode and using the 'Append child' action from the contextual menu of the breadcrumb.

Author/DITA: Properly show referenced content when a reference had both @href and @conref specified on it.

Author API: Properly notify API save listeners for maps opened in the DITA Maps Manager.

Build ID: 2015071312

Thu, 17 July 2015 11:30:00 GMT

Options: The options were reset when the preferences file got corrupted after saving a code template containing certain character combinations within a CDATA.

Windows/HiDPI: Improved detection of HiDPI on Windows.

Editor variables/${ask}: For the ${ask} editor variable when used with the 'radio' type, the default specified option was not selected implicitly in the dialog.

Convert protocol: Java conversion provider stage for the 'convert' protocol properly uses the Oxygen class loader.

Schematron/Validation: Schematron modules were not validated against a Schematron master file because the default validation scenario from the Schematron document type had priority. The validation scenario is no longer default.

Schematron/Format and Indent: Fixed format and indent in XPath expressions from report/@test and assert/@test.

Document Types/Frameworks: Be more permissive in locating icons for Author actions from frameworks created in older versions of Oxygen.

Document Types/Frameworks: Fixed issues in computing the proper changes to be applied when expanding document type/framework configurations.

DITA/DITA Map Document Types: Added more document type association rules in order to be more flexible when recognizing DITA topic or map content.

Author/Smart Paste: Copying table data from MS Excel and pasting it in the Author mode did not generate a table structure.

Author/DITA: Properly render properties table hat has @spectitle attribute set on it.

Author/DITA: Properly detect link keyref format when computing displayed link text.

Author/DITA: Fixed an EmptyStackException error that could appear when opening a DITA document in the Author mode.

Eclipse plugin/Author/DITA: When editing DITA maps in Author editing mode, in Eclipse, the attributes rendered for each topicref had overlapping characters.

Eclipse plugin/Author: Avoid rare situations of class loading issues when displaying SVGs in the Author visual editing mode with various third-party Eclipse plugins loaded in the workbench.

Eclipse Author plugin: The 'XML Refactoring' preferences page was not positioned correctly within the 'Oxygen XML Author' preferences section.

Eclipse plugin/Author API: API callback "ActionBarContributorCustomizer.customizeDITAMapsManagerMainToolbar" could not be used to filter all the toolbar actions.

Oxygen SDK/API: Fixed NullPointerException error that appeared when loading a layout via API.

Oxygen SDK/API: Fixed the order of notification events when opening files. The protocol handler retrieved the document content before calling WSEditorChangeListener.editorAboutToBeOpenedVeto().

WebHelp: Allow search for words of one or two characters (for Japanese language).

WebHelp: Moved 'meta' tags before 'script' tags in WebHelp generated pages (index.html, index_frames.html) so that IE > 7 does not ignore them.

DITA/WebHelp: Internationalization of the titles of the main tabs (Content, Search) did not work for the 'WebHelp Mobile' and 'WebHelp with Feedback' outputs.

DITA/WebHelp: Fixed TOC issues generated by improper filtering of 'preface' and 'notices' elements from the source.

Build ID: 2015052917

Fri, 5 June 2015 11:30:00 GMT

Author/DITA: The default CSS styling for editing DITA content now shows all XML comments (even those before and after the root element).

Author: When using Copy/Paste on a fragment that was in a specific namespace, the pasted fragment had empty namespace.

Author/Form controls: Fixed an issue with the Pop-up form control (oxy_popup) when it was configured to sort the values from the list.

DITA Maps Manager/Author: If a DITA map was opened both in the DITA Maps Manager and in the main editor, any errors reported by "Validate and Check for Completeness" were removed and replaced by the ones (if any) reported by the automatic validation of the main editor.

Content Completion: Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur when hiding the content completion window.

Schematron Quick Fixes: When inserting an element with an attribute, if the attribute was declared in the schema as required, the attribute was inserted twice.

Options/XML Refactoring: Editor variables could not be used in Preferences, XML > XML Refactoring to specify the location from where to load additional refactoring operations.

Locking local resources: Avoided a few situations that resulted in files remaining locked even after closing, when the "Lock local resources" option is enabled (Preferences, Editor > Open/Save).

Diff Files: Fixed a NullPointerException error that could occur in some situations when using the "Format and Indent Both Files" action.

Editors layout: If the editors layout became out-of-sync with the list of editors to be loaded, all editors were presented as tiled.

XSLT Debugger/Saxon 9: Fixed an "Internal error evaluating function" error that could occur when stepping inside a user function.

XQuery/Syntax Highlight: The XQuery syntax highlight would break in some cases.

XQuery/Syntax Highlight: Fixed a regression in the syntax highlight that caused proprietary XQuery Update statements (as used by eXist-db or MarkLogic XQuery) to be presented as syntax errors (red).

XSL/Syntax Highlight: Syntax highlight was broken for map declarations with multiple entries.

LESS: When generating the CSS, a comment was inserted before the @charset declaration which broke the CSS text encoding and also made it invalid.

LESS: Updated LESS CSS to 1.7.5.

Graphite Theme/UI: Text from disabled fields was illegible due to similar colors for text and background.

Graphite Theme/Author: Read-only areas from the Author mode were undistinguishable from editable ones when using the Graphite theme.

Graphite Theme/OS X: Icons in table column headers were not visible.

Graphite Theme/OS X: The sorting marker was not displayed in the table header when a column was sorted.

OS X/Data Source Explorer: The shortcut keys for the Copy/Cut/Paste actions are now correctly mapped as Command+C/X/V.

Notifications: Improved representation of notifications.

WebHelp: The output for Arabic and other bidirectional languages was not right-to-left oriented.

Build ID: 2015051321

Fri, 15 May 2015 11:30:00 GMT

EPUB: When validating an EPUB with EpubCheck, a ClassCastException error was reported.

Linux/Fedora 21: The "Edit Attributes" dialog from Author and Design modes became blank after the first use.

Find: Find > "Find All Elements" did not work on documents without a document type association.

Text mode: Restored the "Transparent Markup" option from the "Tags Transparency Selector" toolbar list.

Startup: Fixed an "IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 4, Size: 4" error that could occur at startup, if the "Transparent Markup" option had been selected in an older version.

File History: Fixed an "IllegalArgumentException: index greater than the number of items." error that could appear when the file history was updated.

Validation/Schematron: The errors reported when validating an XML against Schematron did not contain the systemID of the schema being used.

Author/DITA/Print: When printing a DITA topic that contains a prolog element, the prolog block was blank.

Author/AutoCorrect: Fixed some positioning issues when using AutoCorrect with track changes enabled.

XQuery/Format and Indent: Improved line breaking when formatting expressions placed between curly brackets.

Options: A new option pane, Editor > Format > XPath, was created for the option "Format XPath code embedded in XSLT, XSD and Schematron files".

Notifications: Fixed some issues with the order of the notification messages.

Predefined Layouts: The "Author" predefined layout was not updated with the new toolbars.

Build ID: 2015050814

Mon, 8 May 2015 14:30:00 GMT

Eclipse/OS X/Retina: The Design (XML Schema) and Grid modes were unusable on a Retina display.

Eclipse/EPUB: When validating an EPUB with EpubCheck, a ClassCastException error was reported.

Eclipse: The ${pd} editor variable could not be used in the path of the 'DITA-OT directory' from the DITA preferences page.

Build ID: 2015043018

Mon, 4 May 2015 12:30:00 GMT