Build Notes for Version 14.2 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2013101716

Mon, 17 Oct 2013 15:00:00 GMT

Critical: Author mode: The Paste and Drag-and-Drop actions no longer worked after updating the Java runtime to Java SE 6 update 65 or Java SE 7 update 45.

Build ID: 2013051016

Monday, 13 May 2013 14:00:00 GMT

Author/Tables: In some circumstances the editing was very slow within tables with visible colspecs.

Data Source Explorer/SharePoint: Expanding a folder with hundreds of documents took minutes. Now it takes a few seconds.

Core: Fixed a rare situation where leaving a file open from a network share that was no longer available in the new session caused the application to freeze when creating a new document.

XQuery Debugger: Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when sorting the variables table.

Author/Paste: When pasting HTML content that contained p/span/br the line break was lost.

WebHelp: The internal frames variant did not handle correctly links to non-HTML resources.

WebHelp/DITA: 'bookmap/part' without href was ignored and its children had an incorrect nesting level in the TOC.

Build ID: 2013040919

Wed, 10 April 2013 14:00:00 GMT

XML Schema: Fixed a NullPointerException that could appear when pressing the "Switch back to 1.0" button from the default XML schema version notification bar.

Find/Replace: The XML search options filter did not work correctly when the document contained empty lines.

Find/Replace: "Find Next" (F3) with a selection in the editor, while the Find/Replace dialog was open with the "Regular Expression" option enabled, did not correctly update the "Text to find" field from the dialog.

Author mode/Mac: Pasting a screenshot/image in the Author mode and saving it as PNG (default) created a blank PNG image.

Author mode/Mac/Java 7: Paste with HTML content (copied from a web browser) no longer worked on Mac with Java 1.7.

MathFlow/HTTP/Mac: When the MathFlow support was configured on a Mac, opening an HTTP/WebDAV or an eXist-db resource could fail with an SSL or a null error.

Validation/Xerces: Fixed a NullPointerException encountered with the XML Schema 1.1 profile when collecting asserts from a base type.

Open/Find Resource: Fixed an IllegalArgumentException that could be encountered when having a map opened in the DITA Maps Manager.

Database/Berkeley DB XML: Avoided a NullPointerException error that occurred when expanding a Berkeley connection configured to join the existing environment.

Results Panel: The XML/log output from the results panel would not scroll automatically when navigating/selecting with the keyboard navigation keys.

Character Map: The description of the selected character did not appear at the bottom of the dialog.

WebHelp: The Index search results now have the entire index term labels as links.

WebHelp: Clicking on an email address reference with the "mailto" protocol did not open the email client.

WebHelp: The search did not work with some non-Latin characters.

WebHelp: Fixed navigation links from the frameset output.

WebHelp: The value of the parameter webhelp.copyright (if specified) from the WebHelp transformation scenario now appears at the bottom of the output TOC.

WebHelp/IE8/IE9: The search returned no results on some builds of Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

WebHelp/DITA: The TOC title did not have any of the styling specified in the source.

WebHelp/DITA: The part/@href references from bookmaps did not appear in the output TOC.

Author API: AuthorActionsProvider.getAuthorExtensionActions() did not return the actions in the order that they were defined in the document type.

Author API/DITA Maps Manager: Fixed NullPointerException encountered if a TopicRefTargetInfoProvider was set when opening a Subject Scheme map in the DITA Maps Manager.

Author Component: Separators did not appear in toolbars created with WSAuthorComponentEditorPage.createExtensionActionsToolbars().

Author Component: The Author Component did not accept drag and drop operations from outside the component.

Author Component API: Append > New topic in the DITA map tree did not work.

Build ID: 2013030817

Tue, 12 March 2013 15:00:00 GMT

DITA Maps Manager: Fixed an unhandled NoSuchElementException error encountered when a topicref has an empty href.

Author/DITA: Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when encountering a cross reference that referred a key definition without an href.

Author mode: Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur in the Preview area from the insert content reference dialog.

Validation/Xerces: When validating an XML, errors reported on an empty element did not have location information and were not highlighted.

Validation/WSDL: Validating a WSDL file that imports a schema which is not well formed caused a StackOverflow error.

WSDL SOAP Analyzer: A NullPointerException was caused by the automatic validation triggered when typing or pasting content in the Request area.

Text mode: Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that occurred in some cases when opening a large file.

Text mode/XPath Results: Fixed positioning in editor when selecting XPath results from large files with long lines.

XML Schema Documentation: The generation of schema documentation with the option "Split by component" failed, if the schema contained two or more elements that had the same name but different letter case.

Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies/Mac: Some of the decorated icons from the "Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies" view were not displayed correctly on OS X.

Options/Preferences dialog: After resizing the Preferences dialog some of the panels had unnecessary horizontal scroll bars.

Eclipse: If hidden, the Problems view appeared on top each time a file was saved.

Eclipse: When saving a file with no DTD/schema, a manual validation of the file was performed and that reported missing DTD/schema errors.

Eclipse/WebHelp transformations: The built-in DITA/DocBook transformations to WebHelp failed with a NoClassDefFoundError.

Eclipse/Author: The MathML preferences page was not linked under the Author preferences section.

Linux: Fixed ClassCastException error when invoking Edit > Insert from Character Map.

Author API: ro.sync.ecss.css.LabelContent was not exposed in the API.

WebHelp/DITA: Fixed some issues with the links from image maps.

WebHelp/DITA and DocBook: Fixed the title from the table of contents.

WebHelp: Avoid interpretation of HTML tags inserted in the search field.

Build ID: 2013021115

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 12:30:00 GMT

Build ID: 2013101718

Mon, 17 Oct 2013 15:00:00 GMT

Critical: Author mode: The Paste and Drag-and-Drop actions no longer worked after updating the Java runtime to Java SE 6 update 65 or Java SE 7 update 45.

Build ID: 2012121012

Tue, 11 December 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Author mode: Find > Quick Find was highlighting invalid locations for matches found after modifying the document.

Author mode: Deleting an XML comment from a certain context could cause the application to hang.

Text mode: The Find All results displayed a context that was too large and this sometimes caused the match highlight to not be visible.

XSLT/Saxon 9: saxon:assignable was no longer recognized in Saxon

DITA/WebHelp: Fixed incorrect links from breadcrumb.

Database/XQJ: BaseX via XQJ no longer worked because of conflicting jar libraries.

Eclipse 4.2/Mac: A NullPointerException error appeared when switching to the XSLT/XQuery debugging perspective and prevented the debugger from being used.

Author API: ro.sync.ecss.css.EditorContent was not exposed in the API.

Author Component/Mac: When running the applet with Java 7, the dialogs did not receive keyboard focus when displayed.

Build ID: 2012111217

Wed, 14 November 2012 10:30:00 GMT

Options: "Import Global Transformation/Validation Scenarios" failed silently when importing scenarios that already existed.

Options: In some situations "Export Global Transformation/Validation Scenarios" incorrectly reported that there are no scenarios to be exported.

Options: Reverted the default value of the option XML > XML Parser, "Ignore the DTD for validation if a schema is specified" to enabled.

Project/Batch Transformation: When configuring a batch transformation scenario on multiple files, the list of scenarios appropriate for the currently selected resources remained empty.

Project/Batch Transformation: Batch transformations that used the MSXML or .NET transformer engines failed.

DocBook 5 to EPUB: The generated EPUB was invalid if an image reference or a custom CSS had space characters in the path.

DITA Maps Manager: A NullPointerException error appeared when canceling the insertion of a new topic in the map.

DITA Maps Manager: "Rename resource" could break the well-formedness of the XML document if both "conref" and "conrefend" attributes were present on the same element.

DITA/WebHelp: The "copy-to" attribute from a "topicref" was incorrectly handled in the generated WebHelp TOC.

WebHelp: The URLs from the Next/Previous navigation links did not contain the web server port when a custom port was used (e.g. 8080).

XSLT/XQuery Debugger: In the "Advanced Options" dialog of the Saxon-PE/EE engine the "Choose" button from the Initializer subsection had no effect.

Author mode/XInclude+XPointer: The systemID specified in the href attribute value of an XInclude with XPointer was not resolved through the XML catalog when clicking on the anchor to open the included target.

Author/Form Controls: The popup form control did not correctly handle the default value from the schema when the XML specified a different value.

Eclipse/Author/Form Controls: In a URL chooser form control dialog, picking a file and pressing the ENTER key caused a NullPointerException error.

Eclipse: The Eclipse version detection mechanism was broken and the plugin incorrectly reported an unsupported version warning on Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5.

Eclipse/Options: The option pages "Schematron", "Relax NG" and "XML Schema" were incorrectly added to the root of the option tree instead of the "Oxygen" options section.

Samples: The sample XML schema samples/personal.xsd had invalid constraints that did not take into account the target namespace of the schema.

SVN Client/Mac OS X: The "Compare Editor" view could no longer be closed.

SVN Client: Avoided a possible application hang when closing the application during an SVN task.

Author Component: Enabled the action "Open Map in Editor with resolved topics".

Author Component: Fixed support for saving to HTTP when the HTTP server supports only the PUT method.

Build ID: 2012101809

Thu, 19 October 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Build ID: 2012082911

Thu, 30 August 2012 11:00:00 GMT

Eclipse: The action "Report Oxygen problem" from the Eclipse Help menu would fail in certain Eclipse configurations with a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.

Eclipse/Options: When editing/duplicating a document type and choosing an extension bundle in the Extensions section, the ${framework} editor variable from URLs in the Classpath was not expanded.

Eclipse/DITA: The action "Relationship Table" > "Insert Relationship Table" failed with a NoClassDefFoundError, when editing a DITA map in the Author mode.

Author mode: The internationalization editor variable (${i18n(id)}) from names of action groups in the Author toolbar was not expanded.

Find/Replace in Files: When the "Regular expression" option was enabled, the quoted dollar character (\$) could not be used in the "Replace with" field. When attempting to replace, the result was an error message: "Error: Malformed expression: Illegal group reference".

XQuery: An XQuery transformation with the Saxon 9 processor could not be stopped in mid execution.

Add-ons: Improved error handling of the ZIP archives used for add-ons. Accept a wider range of types of ZIP archives.

Accessibility/JAWS+Java Access Bridge: The main menu of the application was not narrated.

Accessibility/JAWS+Java Access Bridge: A ClassCastException could occur in the "Transformation Scenarios" view and the "Configure Transformation Scenario(s)" dialog.

Author API: ro.sync.exml.workspace.api.node.customizer.BasicRenderingInformation.setIconPath(String) did not expand the ${framework} editor variable from the path provided as argument.

Author API: The field DEFAULT_WIDTH_REPRESENTATION was accidentally removed from ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.WidthRepresentation which broke backwards compatibility with v13.2 and older framework implementations.

Author API: The "create" methods from ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.ExtensionsBundle were implemented incorrectly and the returned objects, listeners, etc were affected when switching between editors instead of being editor bound.

Build ID: 2012080717

Wed, 8 August 2012 14:30:00 GMT

Linux: Updated Java Runtime Environment to Java SE 6 Update 33 (1.6.0_33).

Eclipse: If the option "Indent (when typing) in space preserve elements" (Preferences, Oxygen > Editor > Format > XML) was disabled, pressing ENTER between the tags of a space preserve element was moving the cursor at the beginning of the document.

Add-ons: Fixed an encoding problem that prevented add-ons/extensions with Unicode characters in the extension descriptor from appearing in the add-on management dialog.

Saxon-HE/PE/EE: The "select" attribute from "xsl:copy" was not recognized as part of the specification when validating or transforming an XSLT 3.0 document with Saxon 9.4.

Indent when typing: The indent when typing (smart enter) feature was incorrectly considering all elements named "script" and "style" as space preserve elements. This is now true only for (X)HTML documents.

XML Schema: The in-place rename action (Rename Component from the Quick Assist popup menu) was incorrectly renaming the component in references that had a namespace prefix.

Project/Batch Validation: When batch validating with a custom validation scenario, no progress dialog appeared for the operation and this prevented the operation from being canceled when necessary.

XProc/XML Calabash: Added support for configuration files for Calabash (calabash.config) and Saxon (saxon.config) when used from within Calabash. The configuration files have to be placed in "Oxygen/lib/xproc/calabash".

Database: Added support (option) for eXist connections that work over HTTPS secure connections (SSL).

Data Source Explorer: Refreshing a MarkLogic connection was causing the inner WebDAV connection to get stuck in a "Pending" state.

Data Source Explorer: Fixed a ClassCastException that could occur when dragging files from the file system (Finder/Windows Explorer) and dropping them into the Data Source Explorer.

Configure Transformation Scenario: When the "Association follows selection" mode was enabled, removing scenarios from the "Associated scenarios" section did not update the selection in the list of scenarios.

Creating a new XML document based on a RELAX NG Compact(.rnc) schema with optional content ("Add optional content") failed silently.

Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur when importing or resetting the global options in special circumstances.

DITA/WebHelp: For a DITA Learning Map the topic links from the generated WebHelp table of contents were not working.

Windows/ZIP distribution: The .vmoptions files that specify the amount of memory that the application can use were missing from the ZIP distribution.

Build ID: 2012071212

Thu, 12 July 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Eclipse: Fixed broken help (regression introduced in build 2012070512).

Build ID: 2012070512

Fri, 6 July 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Document types: Internal custom document types (stored in options) that were inherited from version 13.2 or older would not work correctly (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ro/sync/ecss/extensions/*/*NodeRendererCustomizer) because of a required jar library that was newly introduced in v14.0. To avoid this problem the classes from the required jar library ("*-node-customizer.jar") have been included in the main framework jar library for each framework.

TEI ODD: Fixed java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ro/sync/ecss/extensions/tei/TEINodeRendererCustomizer when opening a TEI ODD document.

Options GUI: When editing/duplicating a document type, the ${framework} editor variable from URLs in the Classpath was not expanded when choosing an operation for an Author action.

Startup: A "TEI P5" ("All") document being left open could lead to an InvocationTargetException caused by a StackOverflow in the Relax NG support at startup.

Startup: Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException that could occur at startup.

XML Schema: Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur when opening a schema.

DocBook: Corrected value of parameter "highlight.xslthl.config" in all DocBook transformations. This prevented syntax highlight in programlisting content from working in the output of the transformations.

Author mode: With track changes enabled, if a user inserted content in the middle of a modification made and commented by another user, the comment of that user was inadvertently copied as a comment for the new insertion.

Author mode: With track changes enabled, if only a start or end tag (not both) of an element is included in a deleted region, the tag is no longer marked as deleted.

Eclipse/Author: Placed the Callouts preferences page in its proper place in the Author > Editor > Edit modes > Author section of the Preferences dialog.

Eclipse/Language pack: Changed id of language pack from com.oXygenXML.languagePack to com.oxygenxml.languagePack.

MarkLogic/XQuery Validation: Validation of any XQuery modules failed with the message: 'For input string: "X.Y"', when using a MarkLogic server with a version similar to "5.0-X.Y".

Schema Documentation CLI: Added jar library ("OXYGEN_HOME/lib/saxon.jar") required for outputting PDF to the classpath from the schema documentation command line scripts.

WebHelp with Feedback: Fixed a problem that caused incorrect links to be generated when the input file was located in a file path that contained Unicode characters.

WebHelp with Feedback: The output folder argument ("${corrected.output.dir}") was not expanded in the "installation.html" page.

WebHelp with Feedback: Fixed a problem where the classpath was not correctly identified when running the install of the WebHelp with Feedback on the web server.

Author API: The visibility of various types of callouts as set in the AuthorCalloutsController was ignored when printing or print previewing.

Author API: The AuthorDocumentFilter was notified with an incorrect flag when the backspace key was pressed.

Author Component: When connecting to a floating license server servlet (HTTP) the Author Component was enclosing the user and password in the URL.

Build ID: 2012062215

Wed, 27 June 2012 12:30:00 GMT