Build Notes for Version 13.2 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2012052412+

Mon, 17 Oct 2013 15:00:00 GMT

Critical: Mac/Author mode: The Paste and Drag-and-Drop actions no longer worked after updating the Java runtime to Java SE 6 update 65 or Java SE 7 update 45.

Build ID: 2012052412

Mon, 28 May 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Project: Fixed NullPointerException that could prevent the application from exiting (silent) and the current project from being changed (unhandled error).

Validation/Content Completion Assistant: Validation against DTD did not work, if the systemID from the DOCTYPE declaration in the XML file did not have the ".dtd" suffix.

XML Schema/XML Catalog: The schema components collector mechanism could get stuck in a loop (used a CPU core), when enabling the option "Process namespaces through URI mappings for XML Schema" (Preferences, XML > XML Catalog), if a schema that was resolved by namespace included another schema that could not be resolved through URI/system mappings.

General: The editor variable ${id} (Application generated unique identifier) would sometimes generate an incorrect XML ID. The generated ID could start with a number.

Options: Customized default options from a remote location (HTTP) failed to load at startup.

Options GUI: When editing a document type, after removing the last toolbar from the Author, Toolbar section, a toolbar could no longer be added. The add action remained disabled.

Flatten Schema CLI: Fixed NullPointerException that appeared when running the "flattenSchema" command line tool against an XML schema that does not contain an XML declaration.

Build ID: 2012040515

Fri, 6 April 2012 16:30:00 GMT

SVN Client/Mac OS X/Java Update 1.6.0_31: A task(commit, update, refresh, etc) could sometimes fail with an IndexOutOfBoundsException.

Author: When the option "Can edit read-only files"(Preferences, Editor) was not set, opening a document in Author mode resulted in a fatal error: "[Xerces] A well-formed document requires a root element."

Eclipse: The Oxygen plugin was preventing the Web Page Editor(Web Tools Platform) from opening.

Project: Guarded a NullPointerException that could appear when the project was auto-saved.

Added an option to allow the file change monitor to be disabled: "Check opened files for file system changes"(Preferences, Global)

Build ID: 2012030716

Fri, 9 March 2012 14:30:00 GMT

Eclipse/Linux: Closing and reopening an XSD file generated a fatal error: "SWTException: Graphic is disposed".

Database: When opening from an eXist database connection an XML file with XInclude references, the XIncluded content was expanded in the file content.

Transformation scenario: Activating the Saxon-PE/EE advanced option "Allow calls on extension functions" had the opposite effect.

Options: Under "Menu Shortcut Keys" single key shortcuts(e.g. Delete, Home, etc) could not be assigned.

Author mode: Annotations were not correctly shown for element values from the content completion list.

Author mode: If the track changes author name was set from a plugin/extension, it would sometimes be reset to the property.

Author mode: If the track changes initial state was set to Always On, a delete track change would sometimes disappear when inserting content adjacent to it and its content would be joined with the inserted content.

DITA-OT: DITA to PDF failed with "glossentry" referenced in "bookmap".

Java Web Start: The jwsPackager tool(used for building a JWS deployment) was missing from the "All platforms" kit.

Java Web Start/Mac: When running a JWS deployment on a Mac, the application had a generic Java icon.

Build ID: 2012021614

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 14:30:00 GMT

XSLT editor: Fixed a syntax highlight problem that could lead to a freeze when encountering "cast as"/"castable as" in XPath.

Mac OS X: Fixed action name search/filter in Options -> Menu Shortcut Keys.

Validation: An invalid schema URL in a validation scenario caused a NullPointerException when validating.

Schema Design mode: Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when switching to Design mode if the schema was not well-formed at opening time.

Text mode: When the Find/Replace operation replaced a < character from the sequence "<>", the > character was also removed.

DITA-OT/WebHelp: Fixed some incorrect parameters in DITA-OT WebHelp integration.

DITA-OT: Fixed well-formedness issues with some of the localization files in DITA-OT.

Linux, Windows: Increased stack size to 650k(-Xss650k) to prevent StackOverflowError on complex RNG schemas(e.g. TEI P5).

Build ID: 2012013115

Thu, 2 Feb 2012 11:30:00 GMT

Text mode: Syntax highlight and Content Completion Assistant would break when encountering Unicode characters from the range U+00F8 - U+02FF.

Text mode: When an operation removed or replaced a < character from the sequence "<>", the > character was also removed(partially fixed).

XSLT editor: Fixed a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by the syntax highlight.

XQuery editor: The syntax highlight no longer breaks at try/catch blocks.

Find in Files: Fixed a NullPointerException that could be triggered when navigating inaccessible directories.

Author mode: Font size adjustment shortcuts(NumPad) no longer worked: Ctrl + NumPad+, Ctrl + NumPad-, Ctrl + NumPad0

Eclipse plugin: The Quick Assist(Ctrl + 1) feature was accidentally disabled when disabling the Eclipse spell checker.

Build ID: 2012012413

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Options: Invalid characters(non-XML) in any of the fields from the preferences dialog were causing the options to be reset after restarting the application.

Fixed a NullPointerException that could appear at startup when the XPath toolbar history was loaded.

Windows: Java VM crash reports were not correctly located by the Report Problem tool.

Data Source Explorer: Keyboard navigation would sometimes stop working.

Data Source Explorer: For eXist data sources, Copy/Paste and drag-and-drop operations with XQuery resources were creating an invalid copy of the resource.

Validation: When using the eXist or Berkeley DB XML validation engines, it was the content of the resource from the file system(or repository) that was validated, not the content from the editor.

XML Signature: The DigestMethod from the signature was always signed with the SHA1 algorithm instead of the algorithm chosen in the Sign dialog.

Author mode: If the track changes initial state was set to Always On, when saving or switching to Text mode, each delete change marker had an inner insert change marker with the deleted content. Functionality of the track changes was not affected.

Author mode: Triggering Track Changes on a read only document was flagging the document as modified.

Diff Directories: Comparing directory and file names is now case insensitive in Windows.

Diff Directories: In addition to directory paths, file paths to supported archives are now accepted in command line arguments.

Author API: Setting the text foreground color for a non-persistent highlight did not work (ColorHighlightPainter.setTextForegroundColor()).

Updated predefined perspective layouts(Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, etc).

Build ID: 2012011617

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 12:30:00 GMT

Windows: Fixed some problems with the application launchers that caused various issues: application not starting, options being reset at each restart.

Windows: Fixed a problem that caused the launchers of the various Oxygen tools(Diff Directories/Files, SVN Client, etc) to only allow a running instance of each tool.

Build ID: 2012011017

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 14:30:00 GMT

Build ID: 2011121414

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 16:00:00 GMT

DTD Validation: Unexpected(invalid) elements were sometimes not reported when validating with a DTD.

Project Scenarios: Exporting global transformation/validation scenarios was clearing all the scenarios from the project.

Find/Replace in Files: When searching in the Archive Browser, the find operation would sometimes use the text searched by the previous search operation.

Build ID: 2011112512

Mon, 28 Nov 2011 10:00:00 GMT

Find/Replace in Files: When repeatedly finding a string(the same string at each step) and replacing it with various strings(different at each step), the application would use the first replace string(used for that particular find string) every time.

Project options: Document Type Associations(in Preferences) from the project options were not loaded at the application startup. They were always loaded from the global options instead.

Options: The command line was not included in the output log(in the results panel) when executing an external tool that was configured in a previous version of Oxygen.

Options: The 'Read timeout' option from Preferences, HTTP(S)/(S)FTP/Proxy Configuration -> Advanced HTTP Settings was not saved when lower values than 20 were used.

Linux: Java VM crash reports did not include the crash log(/tmp/oxy_jvm_crash.log was inaccessible).

Build ID: 2011110718

Mon, 7 Nov 2011 10:00:00 GMT

Batch validation/Validate all project files: An out of memory error could occur when batch validating thousands of files from the project.

Author mode: Selecting with the mouse and dragging outside of the editor area was causing the selection to be extended to the end of the document.

CSS: Fixed a content completion issue that caused property values to be proposed instead of property names.

Build ID: 2011102511

Wed, 26 Oct 2011 10:00:00 GMT

Build ID: 2011092815

Tue, 04 Oct 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared in the Check for New Version action.

Fixed a NullPointerException in the File -> New action.

A part of the text content of a TEI P5 XML document did not appear in the output of the TEI XHTML transformation.

Eclipse plugin: If Eclipse is run with Java 1.5 or older, an error message is now displayed when the Oxygen plugin is initialized. Java 1.6(Java SE 6) or later is required for version 13.

Eclipse plugin: Batch transformations for XSL files did not work when invoked directly(Transform > Apply Transformation).

Build ID: 2011091610

Mon, 19 Sept 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Floating license: Resolved an infinite loop problem(100% CPU usage) that was triggered when the connection with the floating license server was dropped.

Content Completion Assistant: When typing "/" inside an attribute value, an end tag was automatically inserted.

Developer: The installer was installing the optional components(TEI, DITA, DocBook frameworks) even when they were not selected.

Results table: Resolved a NullPointerException(followed by visual artifacts) when deleting duplicate entries from the results table.

Archive support: Avoided a possible deadlock that appeared when saving a file opened from an archive(ZIP, EPUB, etc).

WebDAV support: Fixed a locking support problem that was causing a WebDAV resource to remain locked after closing the editor.

XPath toolbar/builder: Avoided an error that appeared when executing an XPath on a document with xsi:nil.

DITA-OT: The product name(prodname) from the ditamap did not appear in the published PDF.

DocBook to EPUB: Fixed some problems from the EPUB published by the DocBook to EPUB transformation.

CSS profiles: In the Mozilla CSS extensions pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes were reversed.

CSS profiles: Fixed issues in CSS profiles for various web browser CSS extensions and properties.

Build ID: 2011090514

Wed, 7 Sept 2011 11:00:00 GMT

"Surround With" without a selection was positioning the cursor in the start tag. Now the cursor is positioned between the start and end tags.

Executing an old XProc transformation scenario(from an older version of Oxygen) that had an output port but no output URL was specified, resulted in the overwriting of the XProc script with the output.

Guarded a NullPointerException that sometimes appeared when entering the license key and pressing OK in the license registration dialog.

Fixed a problem in the TEI stylesheets: The key "IDS" is referenced when a facs attribute is a local URI (starts with '#') but it is not defined in the XSL.

Removed patches in DITA-OT which interfered with correct encoding of CHM output.

Fixed a problem when using the DITA Map to PDF transformation scenario that manifested as a lot of SAXParseException errors in the log.

The Developer(both standalone and bundled with Editor) now uses a distinct options file from that of the Editor. Note that the Developer options will be reset to defaults when upgrading to this new build.

Developer: The DITA Map to XHTML transformation scenario did not open the result in the web browser.

Windows: The installer no longer associates JavaScript(.js) files with Oxygen by default.

Mac OS X: Fixed minimum required Java version to 1.6+ in all apps.

Mac OS X: Fixed .sh scripts to work correctly with relative paths in arguments.

Eclipse: Fixed association of JSON files with Oxygen JSON Editor.

Build ID: 2011082517

Mon, 29 Aug 2011 10:00:00 GMT