Build Notes for Version 12.2 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author

Build ID: 2012040613

Fri, 6 Apr 2012 15:30:00 GMT

SVN Client/Mac OS X/Java Update 1.6.0_31: A task(commit, update, refresh, etc) could sometimes fail with an IndexOutOfBoundsException.

Mac OS X: Fixed .sh scripts to work correctly with relative paths in arguments.

Build ID: 2011113014

Mon, 19 Dec 2011 11:30:00 GMT

DTD Validation: Unexpected(invalid) elements were sometimes not reported when validating with a DTD.

Build ID: 2011102511

Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Mac OS X: Resolved a critical issue that prevented the application from starting with Java SE 6 Update 27(1.6.0_27).

Build ID: 2011082411

Wed, 24 Aug 2011 14:00:00 GMT

The "Selected project files" scope from the "Find/Replace in Files" dialog did not work when the dialog was invoked from the Find menu.

Author API bugfix: an Author fragment containing change tracking markers was not serialized correctly.

The results of the "Find All" action were affected by any modification in the editor content. The effect was that when selecting a "Find All" result from the list, the cursor was positioned incorrectly in the editor.

Sometimes the Eclipse platform user interface was blocked while an XML file was opened in the Oxygen plugin.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when the Oxygen plugin was installed in an Eclipse environment that included Maven(and/or WTP).

The action of renaming an unversioned file in the Working Copy view of the SVN Client tool removed the file from disk.

Build ID: 2011080114

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:00:00 GMT

The application could not open files from disk after an upgrade from an old version to the latest version due to a bug of importing automatically the user preferences from the old version.

The action Indent on Paste reported an error when it was executed in the XSLT editor.

Now an option declared in a XProc transformation scenario does not overwrite anymore a variable with the same name that is declared in a XProc script that is used in the scenario.

Pressing Enter under a folded element scrolled the edited document to other document fragment instead of keeping the same edited fragment visible.

Now a validation error message obtained by running a validation scenario displays the main validated file from the scenario as the location of the error.

The validation of a XML document that included a XML signature was very slow due to downloading the schema from the W3C website. Now the schema comes with Oxygen so that the validation is fast.

Build ID: 2011062910

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Fixed a StackOverflowError in folding action Collapse Child Folds.

The Paste action did not insert the pasted text in a correct location in Author mode in some cases.

A wrong error message was reported instead of the correct error message from the Schematron schema when a Schematron schema was applied through a NVDL schema.

A NullPointerException was reported when generating HTML documentation for an XSLT stylesheet.

The application could not exit due to a NullPointerException obtained on the Exit action. It happened on very rare cases due to the data collected for reporting usage statistics.

A NullPointerException was reported when creating a new XML file from a W3C XML Schema if one of the options "Add optional content" and "Add first choice particle" was selected and the schema did not have a global element.

Fixed slow edit in large Relax NG schemas when schema diagram was visible.

Short description of a DITA topic was displayed twice in the XHTML output of a DITA transformation, before and after the topic title.

Short description of a DITA topic was not included anymore in the meta description tag in the XHTML output of a DITA transformation.

The application blocked in the dialog box for creating a new XML document from some remote XML Schemas when the dialog was closed too quickly due to the delay that was needed for parsing the remote schema and updating the dialog box.

Fixed a NullPointerException that happened when opening an XML file in the XSLT Debugger perspective.

Build ID: 2011053115

Wed, 01 Jun 2011 14:00:00 GMT

MAC OS X: Ctrl+click on a file or folder in Project view or Archive Browser view triggered both the contextual menu and the rename action. Now only the contextual menu is displayed.

The tool that creates documentation for XML Schema did not generate in the documentation valid XML instances from a hierarchy of XML Schema types.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when opening or editing a W3C XML Schema.

When a validation scenario was associated with the current document and the Check Well-formed action was started, it was applied in fact a number of times equal with the number of validation units from the scenario.

SSH connections remained dangling when opening/saving files from a SFTP server.

Now the floating license servlet outputs more detailed logging messages. The logging parameters are configurable according to the mechanism of the container (Apache Tomcat, etc).

The auto-close empty tag feature closed the current start tag when the user typed a '/' character even if this character was typed inside an attribute value.

When pasting text in Author editing mode the whitespaces between words with different properties and enclosed in different tags were lost.

Split editors no longer reset their position whenever the document is modified by an action.

Build ID: 2011051714

Wed, 19 May 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Build ID: 2011031114

Tue, 15 Mar 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Any preference with a value different than the default one that was set by the user in the Preferences dialog was not applied correctly in the application and was not preserved when the application was restarted. It happened when that preference was stored at project level.

Now the list of actions from the contextual menu of the DITA Maps Manager view can be filtered from a custom Startup plugin.

Fixed a NullPointerException in the SVN Client tool that appeared when a SVN working copy was loaded after switching from other working copy, which tried to compare the current content of the working copy with the content cached at previous accesses of the same working copy.

Sometimes the SVN Client tool hanged on startup when the auto-refresh option for SVN working copies was activated.

The password of the URL of a remote document that was opened by HTTPS or SFTP was displayed in the page header when the document was printed from the Oxygen application.

The embedded help could not be opened in the Large File Viewer tool started from Oxygen XML Author (only on Mac and Linux platforms).

The text copied from a Web browser or an Office suite application and pasted in Author editing mode had 2 strange characters at the beginning of the pasted text due to a wrong detection of the text encoding (only on the Linux platform). The same problem appeared in drag and drop operations between a Web browser/Office suite application and Author editing mode.

Now the special XML characters like '<' and '&' are not escaped anymore in Grid editing mode inside CDATA, XML comment and DOCTYPE subset nodes of the XML document.

In some custom Eclipse-based environments like ZendStudio 8 the Pretty Print action of the Oxygen plugin for Eclipse inserted 'null' strings instead of newline characters when executed on a one-line XML document for breaking it on more than one line.

Build ID: 2011021814

Fri, 18 Feb 2011 14:00:00 GMT

An XML comment marked with change tracking was ignored by the change tracking management actions when some whitespace characters separated the XML comment and its change tracking marker.

On Mac and Linux computers the user help could not be opened from the Author tool of the Oxygen Editor product.

The XSD documentation generation tool and the XSLT documentation one could not be used if the user enabled the option for DTD validation in XSLT 2.0 transformations in the user preferences.

The search references/declarations now ignore the hidden folders like .svn by default.

The Preview action invoked from the Rename Component dialog displayed nothing when the Rename Component action executed on a resource that was not part of the current search scope.

Avoid deadlock on opening files that appeared on some Windows computers.

Some XQuery compilation errors were not reported in the XQuery editor.

Build ID: 2011012011

Thu, 20 Jan 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Paste in the Author editing mode: Fixed error due to side effect of Saxon Enterprise Edition validation option. Also fixed problem of duplicated paragraphs in pasted content.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when deleting a profiling attribute value.

Fixed an IllegalArgumentException that appeared when loading a huge vectorial image in Author editing mode.

Now the DITA conref references without fragment identifier are resolved correctly in Author editing mode.

The tools for generating PDF documentation for an XSLT stylesheet and for a W3C XML Schema did not use the FOP configuration file set in the user preferences.

References to remote Webdav or FTP images can be inserted in a document edited in Author mode using the toolbar actions.

Fixed errors that appeared in some cases when opening the XSLT Debugger perspective in the Oxygen Eclipse plugin.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when searching XSLT template references in the XSLT editor.

Now the XLink namespace is declared by default when inserting an image in a DocBook 5 document edited in Author mode.

Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException that appeared when an XML document with bidirectional language support was opened automatically on startup.

Fixed an error that appeared when the Colors page was opened in the Preferences dialog box when the current version of Oxygen was installed as an upgrade from an older version.

The text typed in the editable text areas of the Find/Replace dialog was not visible when a dark color (for example black or dark blue) was set in the user preferences as background color of the editor panel.

The namespace of XSLT parameters was not computed and displayed correctly sometimes when editing an XSLT stylesheet.

The combo box from the Insert Entity dialog did not receive the focus automatically when the dialog was opened.

The default value of the args.xhtml.toc parameter of the DITA WebHelp transformation scenario did not end with a file extension.

Fixed inconsistent formatting in the Author editing mode when an entity reference was present between elements.

Build ID: 2011011116

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 14:00:00 GMT

Build ID: 2010100114

Mon, 4 Oct 2010 14:00:00 GMT

Fixed a StackOverflowError in the Import Text action that was applied to a file from history that did not exist on disk anymore.

Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the XSLT Debugger perspective.

Fixed a memory problem in the XSLT debugger. The memory was not released completely at the end of the XSLT transformation if breakpoints existed.

In Author mode in the Eclipse plugin the size and style of the default font could not be configured in the user preferences.

On Linux machines the installer wizard does not offer the option of starting the application at the end of installation when the installer was started as root user. In case of upgrade if the previous version was installed as normal user the user preferences could not be imported automatically in the new version because the application was started as root user at the end of installation.

Fixed a BadLocationException that appeared when a document with XML folds was modified in other application.

Fixed a BadLocationException that appeared when moving the mouse while pressing the left button in a document with XML folds.

The shortcut of the Stop Debugger action did not work because it was captured by a different component.

Fixed an error in the dialog for creating a new document. The error appeared when the new document was based on a DTD and the user tried to type a root element name in the combo box that listed all possible root elements.

Outline view was not able to display a function name that followed the '}}' sequence of characters in an XQuery document.

The application crashed at startup when it tried to reopen automatically an XSLT stylesheet that contained an <xsl:decimal-format> element.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when opening an XSLT stylesheet that contained an <xsl:decimal-format> element.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when editing a document with XML folds and trying to change the font size with Ctrl + mouse wheel.

The line number was not painted correctly in a document with XML folds when trying to change the font size with Ctrl + mouse wheel.

The validation against a Schematron schema through a NVDL schema that used the Schematron one always failed.

Now the secondary toolbar is present again in the DITA Maps manager view after it was removed in a previous version.

Build ID: 2010092112

Wed, 22 Sept 2010 10:00:00 GMT

The menu actions for inserting generic topic references were promoted to the top of the contextual menu of the DITA Maps Manager view.

Fixed a memory problem that resulted in an Out Of Memory error when there are many validation errors detected by a Schematron schema.

The shortcut for closing the current view (Ctrl+F4) was removed because it was also used for closing an editor so it had the unexpected effect of closing a view that received the focus. Now the shortcut is associated only with the action that closes the current editor.

The action for adding or editing the conref attribute in a DITA topic was not applied on the selected element if the whole element was selected so that the cursor was positioned after the element end tag.

The user defined file templates that had an unsupported extension were filtered in the new file dialog.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when creating a new profiling condition set.

Fixed a BadLocationException that appeared on some editing actions like pretty print when both folding and line wrap were enabled.

The DocBook to PDF transformation did not render MathML equations in the PDF output.

Fixed the validity errors from the template for new EPUB files.

Simple quote characters and double quote ones could not be inserted in the grid editing mode.

Special characters were displayed as escaped characters in the Open using FTP/WebDAV dialog.

The rev attribute was not ignored when the validity of a DITA map was checked based on a profiling condition set.

The DITA topic references that had external scope or peer scope were parsed completely when checking the map validity and completeness. If these topic references did not specify a format they were not reported as errors.

When checking the DITA map validity all the keydef elements that did not have a href attribute were reported as errors.

Removed the file association for EPUB files. Now the files with the .epub extension are not opened by default with the Oxygen application if the user did not specify that in the installer wizard.

Fixed a NullPointerException in the refresh task that was executed automatically when the user switched back to the window of the SVN Client tool.

Fixed a NullPointerException that appeared when all the occurrences of a user defined name were highlighted in the XSLT editor.

The edit conflict action from the SVN Client tool did not open the two compared revisions of an image file with the image viewer. This produced encoding errors.

The folded state of the child elements was not preserved when the parent element was collapsed and expanded in the editor panel.

The Find/Replace in Files dialog box did not display the checkbox for enabling regular expressions when the user interface language was set to German or Dutch because the labels from the dialog box were too long in these languages.

When the ID of an Author action was changed by editing the Author document type that contained the action the new ID was not set correctly so that the action disappeared from the Author toolbar.

Build ID: 2010091411

Tue, 14 Sept 2010 10:00:00 GMT