Build Notes for Version 22.1 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2020061102

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 12:00:00 GMT

Content Completion/XML: Fixed an issue where the content completion was not working as expected when triggered at the end of the name of an attribute.

Transformation Scenarios/WebHelp Responsive: Corrected the default value of the "args.copy.css" parameter presented in the dialog box for the DITA Map WebHelp Responsive transformation.

Author mode/LESS: Fixed an issue where the styles defined in an "oxy_label()" CSS function (contained by a LESS style sheet that is associated with the edited XML document) were not properly evaluated and this was also extremely CPU intensive.

Syntax Highlight/XQuery: Improved the recognition of functions referenced inside an XQuery map.

Editor variabiles: Fixed an issue where a complex XPath expression used in the ${xpath_eval()} editor variable broke the variable parsing.

Saxon: Fixed an issue where fn:collection() returned xs:base64Binary instead of node().

eXist-db support: Fixed an issue where resources from eXist-db 5.2.0 databases could no longer be opened/edited.

Preferences: Fixed various fatal errors that were reported when the application was started or documents were opened. These errors were caused by setting a reference to a directory (in the XML Refactoring preferences page) that did not have the necessary read-access rights.

Linux & macOS/Offline Help: Fixed an issue where showing the offline help sometimes triggered an invalid security prompt to allow access to an external web site.

DITA/API: Fixed an API issue that sometimes caused older DITA frameworks to throw an AbstractMethodError.

WebHelp Responsive/WebHelp Classic: Updated the jQuery library to version 3.5.1.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where comments could not be located in the Feedback Comments Manager view for DITA Task or Concept topic types that have the chunk="to-content" attribute set in the DITA map.

Publishing Engine plugin: Fixed an issue where publishing failed when the fix.external.refs DITA-OT transformation parameter was set.

DITA Publishing to PDF Plugin: Fixed an issue where the parameter had no effect when set to no.

Chemistry: Fixed a crash when using overflow wrap on an inline containing just an image.

Chemistry: An underscore at the end of a word was considered as hyphenation point and triggered an extra hyphen when not needed.

Chemistry: Fixed an issue where the empty lines from preformatted text were removed. Now, they are preserved in the output.

Chemistry: Fixed an issue where the table margins were ignored in some cases. Now, they are correctly applied.

Eclipse plugin/Validation Scenarios: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened while configuring an XML document validation scenario to use certain types of schemas.

Eclipse plugin: Fixed an issue where Oxygen actions were presented in the contextual menu of the Navigator view (and others) even if the plugin was not yet initialized.

Eclipse plugin/Security: Fixed an issue where sometimes various Eclipse 4.15 features failed because of Oxygen's security mechanism being too restrictive.

Oxygen XML Developer/Eclipse plugin: Fixed an issue where the JSON preferences page was presented on the first level instead of being placed as a sub-page of Oxygen XML Developer.

Build ID: 2020051804

Tue, 19 May 2020 15:30:00 GMT