Build Notes for Version 26.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/XML Author/XML Developer/JSON Editor

Build ID: 2023111306

Wed, 15 Nov 2023 12:00:00 GMT

Author: Fixed an issue where an explicitly set attribute value was lost when the attribute was renamed and it also had a default value specified in the schema.

Security/Schematron: Fixed an issue regarding the validation of Schematron documents when such files were created or saved in a location considered not safe.

Component Update: Updated the JSON-Java (org.json) package to version 20231013.

XQuery/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where XQuery 4.0 was not properly detected and corresponding entries were not proposed in the Content Completion widget.

API/Compare Files: A new parameter has been added to the DiffAndMergeTools.openMergeApplication method to specify whether the proposed changes should be applied initially.

PDF - based on HTML5 & CSS: Fixed a deep numbering issue where sections without title were numbered when using the args.css.param.numbering-sections parameter.

PDF Transformations: Fixed an IndexArrayOutOfBoundsException error that happened while processing Unicode characters in PDF outputs.

Build ID: 2023100905

Wed, 11 Octomber 2023 15:30:00 GMT