How to Configure Berkeley DB XML Support in Oxygen

  • 1. Install the Berkeley DB XML database on your machine.

    You can get it from here.

  • 2. Configure a Berkeley DB XML data source in Preferences.
  • 3. Configure a Berkeley DB XML connection in Preferences.
  • 4. Configure Berkeley DB XML as main validator for XQuery files.

    Go to Preferences->XML->XSLT/FO/XQuery->XQuery and set the Berkeley DBXML connection for XQuery validation.

  • 5. Validate XQuery.

    After step 4, you will benefit from the automatic validation feature and you can use the Validate button to get a list of validation errors.

  • 6. Execute XQuery.

    Go to associated scenario configuration and select the Berkeley DBXML connection as the transformation engine. The collections from your XQuery are automatically opened if they are available in the environment home directory you set. For example, in the following Query:

    <clients> {     
        for $client in collection("invoices.dbxml")
            let $bc := $client//BillingContact    
                <client id="{$bc/Email/text()}">        
    } </clients>

    invoices.dbxml collection is automatically opened and the query yields the proper result.