Syncro Soft Product Improvement Program

(Last updated May 2013)

Starting with version 15.0, oXygen XML Editor no longer collects/processes data about how it is used. Although version 14.2 and earlier still collect anonymous data internally, starting with 25th May, 2013, the data is no more accepted or processed by the central data processor server.

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DITA-OT Day 2014
DITA-OT Day 2014
November 20, 2014
Munich, Germany
" oXygen XML Editor is the premier text editor for XML geeks, and an indispensable tool for O'Reilly's Production group. My team uses oXygen XML Editor for everything from simple XML editing to Schema validation and XSLT transformations. The digital production staff especially loves oXygen's built-in EPUB support, which eliminates a great deal of the grunt work that is usually entailed in editing EPUB files. The more we use oXygen, the more realize what a powerful tool it can be in digital and XML-based workflows."
Adam Witwer
Director of Content and Publishing Operations
O'Reilly Media