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What's New in Oxygen XML Web Author 19.1

Related Versions: 19.019.1

September 29, 2017

Oxygen XML Web Author version 19.1 is the latest release for the innovative web-based authoring tool. Its powerful technology and adaptive interface allows you to review, contribute, and edit content from anywhere you have access to a browser, on desktop PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. It includes a variety of new features and improvements to make your authoring, collaborating, and reviewing experience more efficient, accurate, and productive than ever before.

Web Author

Image Map Editor

An Image Map Editor has been implemented in Web Author and can be used with images in DITA documents. It allows you to add links from specific areas of an image to corresponding topics or other resources.

Offer Choices for Attribute Values

You can use a configuration file to specify whether or not certain attributes are editable and offer a choice between several options for certain attributes rather than arbitrary values.

Improved Read-Only Mode

Web Author now offers a customizable editor stripe for documents that are opened as read-only. You can use it when a document is locked or not yet checked out. When a document is opened in read-only mode, all actions are disabled.

Bitbucket and GitLab Repositories Supported

Oxygen XML Web Author can now be integrated with Bitbucket or GitLab repositories. Web Author now supports Single Sign On, editing, committing, and sending pull requests (or merge requests for GitLab) directly from the editor.

Image Improvements

To improve loading performance, large images are automatically scaled down before loading them in Oxygen XML Web Author. Also, an image preview mode was added along with a new Open Image contextual menu action that allows you to open an image in a new browser tab. You can also install an open-source plugin available on GitHub (web-author-imageio-plugin) that allows Web Author to render images that are not supported by the browser (PDF images, PSD, TIFF, etc).

DITA Improvements

A new URL parameter is available that expands all topic references in a DITA map. Also, the Attributes panel now presents attribute values that are imposed from a Subject Scheme Map.

Improvements to the Track Changes Feature

You can now accept or reject multiple tracked changes at once, or all tracked changes in a document at once. You also now have the ability to force the Track Changes feature to always be enabled.

User Interface Improvements

The Oxygen XML Web Author Dashboard was been redesigned to be more intuitive and accessible. Also, the rendering of sentinel graphics was improved and a date picker form control is available for browsers that support it (Chrome, Edge, Chrome for Android, Safari iOS, Firefox 57).

Customization Guide

An Oxygen XML Web Author Customization Guide is now available online and it is meant to help integrators or system admins who are looking for information about integrating and customizing Oxygen XML Web Author.

Integrate Web Author via REST API

You can implement a simple REST API to integrate Oxygen XML Web Author with a CMS or file server.

API: Servlet Filter

A new plugin extension (WebappServletFilter) was added that can be used to install a javax.servlet.Filter instance for all REST requests made to Web Author.

API: Configure ENTER Key to Perform Line Break

A new API was added to configure the ENTER key to perform the default line break action instead of showing the content completion list.

API: Customize Editor Layout

A new ViewManager API was added to customize the editor layout so that it fits better when embedded in a CMS.

API: Custom DITA Key Resolver

The new KeyDefinitionManagerProvider API allows you to set a custom resolver for DITA keys.


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