Copy-paste import from HTML: dita "codeblock"

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Copy-paste import from HTML: dita "codeblock"

Post by mhGLEIF » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:30 am

I'm importing some HTML tables into DITA topics, with a large number of entries like:

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<code class="inline">==</code>
oxygen turns this into a

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in DITA but I think

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is more appropriate.

Can / should we update this or make it conditional on the class? I'm not sure if

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is a standard class, though it sure sounds like it should be to me.

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Re: Copy-paste import from HTML: dita "codeblock"

Post by sorin_carbunaru » Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:35 pm


This behavior has been implemented in the soon-to-be-released oXygen 19.0 (most likely the first week of April). You can actually test it right now in the beta version, that can be found at ... 05877.html.

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