Schematron ValidationProblemsFilter

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Schematron ValidationProblemsFilter

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In some cases I need to hide Schematron ValidationProblem from user. I implemented my own ValidationProblemsFilter, but can't get any ID of rule.
For Xerces validation Errors, I can get an ErrorKey, but for Schematron Problems ErrorKey is always null. Is it possible to set ErrorKey in Schematron rules, or get the ID of the rule?

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Joseph Weichert
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Re: Schematron ValidationProblemsFilter

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Hello Joseph,

Starting with Oxygen version 23.1 we added support to ignore validation problems, maybe you can use our ignore validation problem support. You can read more about this on our website: ... Validation

Also in this version we added an error key for the Schematron messages, the error key is composed from the Schematron file name and the assert/report ID (e.g. flowers.sch:xrefFormatID). Therefore, in order to have an error key for a Schematon message you need to add an @id attribute on the assert/report element..

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Octavian Nadolu
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