DITA Metrics Report

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DITA Metrics Report

Post by SathyaOX »

I am using DITA Metrics Report from Transformation Scenario.
I want the report to provide:
figures that do not have Titles and that have titles.
Images that is not within fig element
tables that do not have titles and that have titles
If I run from Project, data on Resource Dependencies would be helpful to see Topic reused as whole.
Empty elements
XPath query like Steps/Ol with one item
Topics without prologs
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Re: DITA Metrics Report

Post by Radu »


Most of the checks you mentioned may be problems for some users or perfectly fine for others so we cannot ship out of the box such rules which are specific to certain companies.

The checks you mentioned here can be implemented with custom Schematron rules:

Once you have the Schematron file with the validation problems you can apply it either as part of a default validation for each opened DITA XML topic or use our support to batch validate a set of documents with a certain schema. Or you can use the DITA Maps Manager "Validate and check for completeness" action and specify there the Schematron schema to use in addition for validation.

Radu Coravu
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Re: DITA Metrics Report

Post by chrispitude »

Hi Sathya,

I strongly agree with what Radu said. If you write some Schematron rules for the checks you want, then include them in your default validation rule set, they will automatically be checked and reported when a writer runs Validate and Check for Completeness.

We rely on Schematron checks heavily to catch many issues, both major and minor.
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