regex not selecting last end of line

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regex not selecting last end of line

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Hi, I want to delete (i.e. replace wiith nothing) the first three lines of this code
<entry namest="col1" nameend="col2"/>
and when I use this regex
<row>$\s*<entry namest="col1" nameend="col2"\/>$\s*<\/row>$\s
It doesn't select the final eol, so it ends up replacing the 3 unwanted lines with a blank line.
Any suggestions? Would also be open to something using xpath.
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Re: regex not selecting last end of line

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I don't see a problem with the regex, it should also match the line break after the closing row tag. In Oxygen the line breaks in XML are strictly \n (a single whitespace).
You may want to also add ^\s* in front, so that it consumes the indent in front of the row start tag. Perhaps that's what you see at the end.

XPath would be: //row[entry[@namest="col1" and @nameend="col2"]]
But note that in case of XPath moreso you can't remove the trailing line break as it is outside of the row tags.
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