ID attribute not imported from HTML to DocBook 4.5

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ID attribute not imported from HTML to DocBook 4.5

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Hi Everyone,
I am new to Oxygen and would appreciate your help with the following question. I am importing an HTML file into DocBook 4.5 using batch converter. HTML page is a glossary and it has links between entries within the page. In HTML there is an id attribute on each element that can be linked to. The value of the id is referenced in links to that element elsewhere in the page. After conversion, links are still using the same values, but id attribute is no longer present resulting in broken links. Here's an example:
HTML <td class="c4" colspan="1" rowspan="1"><h5 class="c0 c13" id="h.m4zzvgkbjb7l"><span class="c5">Some text</span></h5></td>
is converted to
ML <entry>Some text</entry>

I can manually fix this using <entry id="h.m4zzvgkbjb7l">Some text</entry>, but is there a way to configure conversion to preserve id value in this situation?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: ID attribute not imported from HTML to DocBook 4.5

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I consider this to be a bug in the converter, it should propagate in all cases IDs from the HTML document to the DocBook document.
I added an internal issue to look into fixing this, pasting the issue ID below for future reference:
EXM-53959 HTML to DocBook conversion loses ID attributes set on elements
If during the investigation we find some way you could make this work on your side, maybe by modifying one of the XSLT stylesheets involved in the conversion, we'll post it here.
Radu Coravu
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