Replace text with keyref

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Replace text with keyref

Post by garimak84 »

Hi Team,
We have a lot of legacy content and we need to insert variables (keyref) for product name. The variables file already exists.
Is there a way to use Find and Replace, or any other way to complete this task, replace text with variable instance.
We use Astoria as our CCMS - opening each file individually will be really cumbersome.
Thanks in Advance
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Re: Replace text with keyref

Post by Radu »

Hi Garima,
If you open a DITA Map in the Oxygen DITA Maps Manager view you can right click the map root and choose "Find/Replace in Files". But you need to test if this works for you in the context of the CMS integration, as it depends on the CMS integration plugin which was built by Astoria and is not controlled by us, if the CMS integration plugin does not have support for such batch modification of resources then it may show you an error...
Radu Coravu
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