Option to Always Collapse Right-Panel on Load?

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Option to Always Collapse Right-Panel on Load?

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Is there an option to have the right-panel always collapsed on loading a topic? The behavior of whether or not the right-panel is expanded on topic load seems to depend on whether or not it was previously opened, although this also seems to reset after refreshing the page.

We want the right-panel and it's views (Review, Attributes, Validation, and Find/Replace) still available to be expanded, but we want the entire right-panel to always be collapsed whenever a topic is opened, regardless of if it was previously opened on a prior topic.

For what it's worth, we are using the Loading Option Setter sample plugin to set some other loading options (showDitaMapView, showTopicTitles, and trackChanges).

If there's no loading option to set this, is there another way this could be accomplished, for example, using CSS?

Thank you!

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Re: Option to Always Collapse Right-Panel on Load?

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For the moment there is no API to collapse a side panel. We have an issue for this in our internal issues tracking system and I have added your vote for it.
Please write us at suuport@oxygenxml.com and we will try to provide you a quick solution to use it until the API is available.

Best Regards,
Mihaela Calotescu
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