Map Export Function

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Map Export Function

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I am told that when you export a map, only the referenced topics and graphics, pdfs, etc., go with the export.
I have been reworking a large set of documents...moving files, replacing older files with new, etc. When I export, however, all of the unused files in the original file structure are getting copied over into the exported file set.
Is there some setting in the preferences that I am missing?
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Re: Map Export Function

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It may be possible those resources are somehow still directly or indirectly referenced from the DITA map you have opened in the DITA Maps Manager and which you attempted to export.
For example the map refers to a topic, which refers to another, and at some point one topic has a reference to a topic which you considered that is no longer used.
For example if you open one of those unused topics in Oxygen, right click its title and choose "Search references", Oxygen should find references to it and probably one of those references is still referenced in the DITA Map.

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