License for tomcat war installation

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License for tomcat war installation

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We are using Oxygen XML Web Author in form of war file running from tomcat (just editor, surrounding UI is self-written)
Our development phase has came to an end and clients are asking about license purchase
During development keys from ... web_author were used, but it appears that something called "Web Author Component" exists and it looks like what we use more (I am not initial developer - entirely possible that initial one started from using maven project from git you have link to).
What license should they purchase - Web Author or Web Author Component
I am aware about ... s-sdk.html so sorry for bothering with likely answered there question, but weight of responsibility in this matter is too big.
Thank you
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Re: License for tomcat war installation

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The main differences between the two distributions of Web Author (Component or product) are listed in your documentation topic.
In regards to what type of license your clients need to purchase:
Component licenses are only available to registered partners and cannot be purchased directly by end-users, only the product licenses are.
If you are using one of the distributions from the Web Author's download page (product distributions) and not the maven WAR artifact (component distribution) you will need to use a Web Author product license key (that your clients can directly purchase) as those distributions are not compatible with a component license. However, component deployments (using the Maven artifact) support being run using a Web Author product license key.

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