Forced prohibition of breaking tables/table cells?

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Forced prohibition of breaking tables/table cells?

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Good day everyone! (said as in "Futurama" :-))
I wanted to ask if there is any way to prevent table / cell breaks so that what I showed in the pictures below does not happen (since it does not look very good and looks like sloppy work; the pictures are just for example, in Microsoft Word) .
For example, in Microsoft Word, there's a feature in the paragraph settings called "keep on following" that avoids what I've shown.
Is there any similar way to deal with this problem - in oxygen ?

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Re: Forced prohibition of breaking tables/table cells?

Post by julien_lacour »

Behold everyone!

Where do you want to forbid these breaks?

If you are using the DITA Map PDF - based on HTML5 & CSS transformation scenario you can use the page-break-before/page-break-after/page-break-inside properties (or their equivalent break-before/break-after/break-inside).

For example you can use a rule similar to this one:

Code: Select all

*[class ~= "topic/thead"] {
  page-break-after: avoid;
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