WebHelp not supported anymore in 23.1

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WebHelp not supported anymore in 23.1

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Hello, I had to update Oxygen 23 to 23.1 due to log4j vulnerability. I have used the WebHelp scenario before to compile the helpfiles. This is not supported anymore and the WebHelp Classic scenario is not available either. Only WebHelp responsive. Anybody an idea? Thanks
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Re: WebHelp not supported anymore in 23.1

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The WebHelp Classic transformation scenario was deprecated for many versions ago by now and in the end it was removed, so that it is not available in Oxygen anymore.
The only WebHelp transformation scenario that we keep maintaining is the modern DITA Map WebHelp Responsive transformation scenarion, which we strongly suggest to use, as it is more customizable and includes a series of security improvements, as compared to the older WebHelp Classic transformation.

If you decide to not switch to the more flexible, modern WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario, you could also try dropping an email to our official technical support channel (support@oxygenxml.com) and our team will see if they could think of an alternate solution or try finding a workaround.

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Costin Sandoi
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support
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