Dita PDF/CSS: table on cover page

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Dita PDF/CSS: table on cover page

Post by abacus66 »

Hi there,
Is it possible to place on the cover (front-page) after <booktitle> something like a revision table. Just that very case, a table with rows, columns and borders.
Best regards,
Dr. ABacus

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Re: Dita PDF/CSS: table on cover page

Post by xephon »

Hi, the sky is the limit. You can do this.

I've created a plugin a few years ago to automate this and automatically creates a table like this based on the metadata of the used topics in the map.

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Re: Dita PDF/CSS: table on cover page

Post by chrispitude »

Hi xephon,

That is a cool plugin! Very slick. :)

However, if Dr. ABacus is using the CSS-driven PDF transformation (PDF Chemistry), then I don't think the plugin would work.

We had a similar need for our release notes documents, to have a cover page along with some free-form content describing the applicable releases. We ended up (1) disabling the regular cover page, then (2) wrapping the whole map in an extra level of hierarchy:

Code: Select all

<topicref href="cover.dita">
  <topicref href="release_notes_intro.dita"/>
  <topicref href="release_notes_fixes.dita"/>
where the map/book title is no longer published, and the title of the "cover.dita" topic becomes the fake map/book title. You can use @outputclass and CSS to style the "cover.dita" content as needed.

Although now that I think about it, maybe we could have also just placed them linearly:

Code: Select all

<topicref href="cover.dita"/>
<topicref href="release_notes_intro.dita"/>
<topicref href="release_notes_fixes.dita"/>
and that might have worked too.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea for this!
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