Links do not work

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Links do not work

Post by Heidi_J »

I am currently using Oxygen Editor 22.1 for this particular project and have a strange link problem.
I have a ditamap and it includes several cross references. All other cross reference work just fine except those that I have picked up from another project. They all are located within the same repository in different project topics folders. The repository system is Heretto and the links seem to be as follows:
<xref href="../../../../projectname/topics/topics_name.dita." class="- topic/xref ">Topic name</xref>
The working xrefs are direct.
<xref href="topic_name.dita" class="- topic/xref ">Topic name</xref>.

Is the path too long for Oxygen to read or is this something to do with Heretto.
I don't think I've ever encountered this problem with Oxygen Editor before and I have built rather huge webhelps with long backwards paths without any problems.
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Re: Links do not work

Post by Radu »

If you open the main published DITA Map in the Oxygen DITA Maps Manager view and use the "Validate and check for completeness" toolbar action there, does it report any problems which could be corrected?
Are you publishing the DITA content directly by opening the main DITA Map in the Oxygen DITA Maps Manager and using Oxygen's publishing engine or are you publishing on the EasyDITA site?
I'm assuming the former. Ideally you should not have links between projects.
If you are using Oxygen to publish directly from the CMS, it might be possible Oxygen is not able to obtain that content from the other project from the CMS when the publishing is being done, maybe some authentication problems, not sure.
In the Oxygen Preferences->"DITA / Logging" page you can switch "Show console output->Always" and then publish.
After publishing from Oxygen there should be a "DITA OT" console tab view at the bottom of Oxygen with lots of logging details, if you want further help you can save all that logging to a file, zip it and send it to us (

Radu Coravu
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