Removing toolbar items from Oxygen 23.1

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Removing toolbar items from Oxygen 23.1

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Hi team,

We would like to remove some toolbar items from Eclipse based Oxygen Author 23.1 .

The screenshot is attached for those we wish to remove (xml refactoring, delete currnet tags...). It seems it not possible to remove them using frameworks. Is it possible to be removed using some other ways ? Previously we had also removed some other items using and plugin.xml file changes. Is it possible to hide/remove these toolbar items using similar method?

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Re: Removing toolbar items from Oxygen 23.1

Post by Radu »

Hi Shabeer,

In the Oxygen plugin's "plugin.xml" there is an extension point:

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  <extension-point id="actionBarContributorCustomizer" name="Action Bar Contributor Customizer"
So a third party Eclipse plugin implemented by you in Java and which depends on our plugin could implement this API "com.oxygenxml.editor.editors.ActionBarContributorCustomizer" and get called on this method "com.oxygenxml.editor.editors.ActionBarContributorCustomizer.customizeActionsContributedToDocumentToolbar(List<IAction>)" so that it could remove certain actions from the document toolbar list.

Radu Coravu
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