Hyperlinks causing a build failure

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Hyperlinks causing a build failure

Post by toolie » Wed Oct 20, 2021 8:02 pm

Hi there, I'm working on updates to a client's internal-only website (intranet) version of their documentation, building to the Webhelp-Reponsive result. The following paragraphs point to websites outside their intranet, and are causing the following rather baffling error:
Expected scheme-specific part at index 6: https:
Here are the lines (private info replaced with "clientname"):

Code: Select all

 <p>Within the <xref
                href="https://clientname.west-us-2.azure.snowflakecomputing.com" format="html"
                scope="external">My Warehouse</xref> there is a database labeled
            MY_DB. Within this database are all managed enterprise datasets. </p>
        <p><u>Important notes related to this dataset:</u></p>
            <li>Software used to build out the warehouse: Snowflake, a SAAS tool.</li>
                <li>Access to the Warehouse is managed by IT and requested via the <xref
                        href="https://clientname.service-now.com/self_service" format="html"
                        scope="external">ServiceNow</xref> tool. Typically access is requested with
                    a use case or database as context. See <xref
                        href="po-project-environment.dita">Project Environment</xref> for more
                    information on access to the database.</li>
I cannot see why these two external hyperlinks are breaking the build since they appear to be properly formatted. The hyperlink to another file within this doc set works just fine. Can you advise?
Toolie Garner

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Re: Hyperlinks causing a build failure

Post by marius » Mon Oct 25, 2021 12:53 pm

I cannot reproduce this error on a fresh installation of Oxygen XML Editor version 24.
Can you provide us more details about your environment? Also the transformation console log might help us.

Marius Ciolacu
Syncro Soft / Oxygen XML

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