Transforming HTML to PDF

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Transforming HTML to PDF

Post by InspectorSpacetime » Tue Oct 12, 2021 11:53 pm


Is it possible to use Oxygen to transform HTML to PDF (with CSS)? I would presume so, since this is essentially what the PDF Chemistry does in it's last phase. If so, what is the correct process to do this?

There is no transformation scenario labelled "HTML to PDF" or such, but I saw that in some of your YouTube tutorials you used the "XML to PDF transformation with CSS" for HTML files as well. Is it as simple as that?

The reason I'm asking is that Chemistry supports the CSS paged media module very well. Besides Oxygen and DITA, I'm sometimes using Markdown to create some HTML stuff, and I'm looking for a way to format them into PDF with headers, footers and everything CSS paged media does. It's a shame that browsers don't really support the CSS paged media module. Formatting HTML to PDF would be really easy by just using the browser's print function!

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Re: Transforming HTML to PDF

Post by julien_lacour » Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:34 am


Of course you can use Oxygen PDF Chemistry in order to transform HTML document into PDF.
You have to open the transformation dialog and use the "XML to PDF transformation with CSS" option. It is as simple as that :D


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