Profiling/Conditional Text Filter: Customizing the list

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Profiling/Conditional Text Filter: Customizing the list

Post by B-E-N » Wed Sep 22, 2021 4:40 pm


we have many different profilting/conditional text filters. However, only a few of them are relevant for each individual author. Currently, the text filter menu has two submenus to go through.

Feature request: Could you allow some sort of customizing for the menu so that only the important filters appear at the beginning of the menu.

I have attached the screenshot to show how our text filter menu currently looks like.
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Re: Profiling/Conditional Text Filter: Customizing the list

Post by Radu » Thu Sep 23, 2021 8:21 am

Hi Ben,

Oxygen has no way of knowing which profiling filters are important for a certain technical writer.
The Preferences->"Editor / Edit Modes / Author / Profiling/Conditional Text / Attributes and Condition Sets" page can be saved at "Project options" so maybe you can have multiple project XPR files, one for each type of author, whenever a project file is opened in the Oxygen Project view a certain set of profiling condition sets saved in it would be used for editing.
If you have multiple main DITA Maps and multiple filters, but only certain combinations of DITA Map and filters make sense, maybe you can use our support for DITA OT project files:

A DITA OT project file defines contexts, each context having a pair of DITA Map and filter: ... oject.html

And an older video presentation about DITA OT Project files:

DITA OT project files can be referenced in the Oxygen "Main Files" folder and the "Context" drop-down from the "DITA Maps Manager" view should show all combinations defined in the DITA OT project files.

Radu Coravu
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Re: Profiling/Conditional Text Filter: Customizing the list

Post by chrispitude » Tue Sep 28, 2021 7:40 pm

Hi B-E-N,

We are using Radu's suggested method of using project file <context> definitions to show only the applicable conditions for a map.

For us, this works quite well. We have 20-ish conditions and 80-ish books, and this has made conditional books much easier to work with.

The only drawback is that in the DITA Maps Manager, the context is "sticky" and stays even when you switch to another map. You must remember to update your context as you switch between maps. I wish that contexts were remembered map-by-map instead.

If you want, I can attach a .zip file with small Oxygen project showing how this feature works.

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