Convert HTML pages to a PDF file

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Convert HTML pages to a PDF file

Post by catherine »

Is there any way to convert HTML pages to a PDF file.
For now, we write scripts to generate PDF files and automatically send the PDF files to our remote server.

I also find that there is a PDF button besides the Print button on Oxygen online documentation.
Like this page: ... ml5-2.html

May I know how do you achieve it?
Did you send PDF files to a server and then users get the PDF file from the server, or is the PDF file automatically converted the moment users click the PDF button?

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Re: Convert HTML pages to a PDF file

Post by julien_lacour »

Hello Catherine,

Sure there is a way: you may use Oxygen PDF Chemistry which uses CSS in order to transform XML or HTML in PDF.
You will find more information here: ... erter.html

You can use it with command line in order to integrate it into your publishing workflow.

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