Allowfullscreen parameter for videos

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Allowfullscreen parameter for videos

Post by jcadel » Tue Jul 06, 2021 10:37 pm


We publish our content on a doc portal created for us by a company called Zoomin. We use their transforms. The videos embedded in our documentation are hosted on our site, not YouTube. When inserting a video, we set the outputclass to iframe, the height to 468, and the width to 640.
Is there a way, in Author mode, to add the allowfullclass parameter?


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Re: Allowfullscreen parameter for videos

Post by Radu » Wed Jul 07, 2021 6:34 am

Hi Janice,

Yes, it's something like: ... ideos.html

Code: Select all

<object outputclass="iframe" data=""/>
  <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/>
Any parameter you specify inside the "object" DITA element is converted to an attribute of the HTML iframe.

Radu Coravu
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