Adding Annotations to Subject Scheme

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Adding Annotations to Subject Scheme

Post by diane_xml » Thu May 20, 2021 6:39 am

How do you add annotations to the Subject Scheme so they will show up in the completion assistant dialog?

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Or is there a way to add the text with the <topicmeta>? I did not find any such information in the Subject Scheme Help File.

E.g. <subjectdef keys="WEB"><topicmeta><shortdesc>Responsive Web</shortdesc></topicmeta></subjectdef>

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Re: Adding Annotations to Subject Scheme

Post by Radu » Thu May 20, 2021 7:48 am

Hi Diane,

Please use the <navtitle> element instead of <shortdesc>:

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<subjectdef keys="WEB"><topicmeta><navtitle>Responsive Web</navtitle></topicmeta></subjectdef>
We have plans to support by default also the shortdesc element as a way to obtain some rendering information for the subject def key, but in the meantime Oxygen looks only at the navtitle.

Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

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